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The Maran was one of the last breeds to be introduced to the UK. It was developed in France in the town of Marans in the mid 1800s. It was developed for both its meat and eggs. The eggs started to be imported to the UK by a London wholesaler. The dark brown eggs soon caught on and became very popular which led to English farmers breeding the Maran.


Marans can be lazy birds. They will get fat very easily if allowed to therefore it is best to keep them as free range as possible to prevent this. Marans are easy to look after and if given the space will be active. They are a disease resistant breed. Marans will produce deep brown eggs and are quite placid in nature.


The majority of the Marans we see today in the UK are cuckoo coloured, ranging from a very dark grey colour down to silver. They have bright orange eyes and white legs. Best of all they produce an almost chocolate brown egg and very succulent meat. They were popular as show birds in the 1940s where there were far more colours including a gold colour cuckoo.

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Breed: Maran - Pullet
Descriptions: Maran - Pullet
Variety: Cuckoo & Copper Black
Age: 13 weeks
Seller: Beacon Stud
Seller Rating:            7 reviews
Description: We have a large selection of the very best and rarest hybrid pullets which you can mix and match for a colourful flock, with a kaleidoscope of egg-colours unsurpassed by any other supplier-they all lay an amazing array of different coloured eggs. . Our hybrid chickens are reared to a the best standards and we show all stages to visitors-these are farm raised in small batches and we hatch many varieties. Our pullets are reared to produce strong and healthy pullets for free-ranging and are vaccinated against the majority of poultry diseases. We always offer a 2 week health guarantee with all of our sales and our reviews say it all!
Location: Kent Show Map
Delivery: Collection
Collection Only
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Breed: Maran - Point Of Lay Hen
Descriptions: Maran - Point Of Lay Hen
Variety: Copper Black
Age: 32 weeks
Seller: Beacon Stud
Seller Rating:            7 reviews
Description: Fantastic opportunity-very rare-stunning, sprightly birds and with a pleasant temperament. Darkest brown eggs, these are wormed, free-range and fed 90% organic food. beacon stud in Benenden Kent. Superb selection of rare breeds-we have lots of other hybrid birds so you can have an amazing choice Beacon Stud, Benenden. TN17 4BU open 7 days
Location: Kent Show Map
Delivery: Collection
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Breed: Maran - Mature Hen
Descriptions: Maran - Mature Hen
Variety: Cuckoo Maran
Age: 59 weeks
Seller: Erskine
Seller Rating: No Feedback!
Description: Pure bred Cuckoo Maran hens 1 year old coming into lay now. Lovely large dark eggs produced as pictured. These are large strain chunky girls with placid temperaments. Living free range.
Location: Warwickshire Show Map
Delivery: Collection
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Breed: Maran - Cockerel
Descriptions: Maran - Cockerel
Variety: Dark
Age: 39 weeks
Seller Rating: No Feedback!
Description: lovely temprement strong and sturdy build, needs home due to fussy neighbour reporting noise nuisance. He only has about a 20min crowing session at 11am. normally unless a fox is about.
Location: Bedfordshire Show Map
Delivery: Collection
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Breed: Maran - Mixed Group
Descriptions: Maran - Mixed Group
Variety: Splash Copper Maran
Age: 39 weeks
Seller: jennyf
Seller Rating: No Feedback!
Description: Lovely splash pair ! Hen just started to lay and he's been treading his ladies for couple months now. Good examples of the breed.
Location: Devon Show Map
Delivery: Collection
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- Archie, 01 February 2014

           Not for the garden lover

- Lisa, 13 January 2014

Our cuckoo Maran is super friendly and top hen in our mixed flock of 13 . Has never bullied on the other chooks, her eggs are light in colour and she lays every day without fail: an average sized pointy egg. She is far happier free ranging and loves to scratch about the garden and can be destructive so not recommended for those who take pride in their flowerbeds. She is also a waste disposal unit and has a huge appetite !


- Sylvester017, 04 December 2013

There's been too much hype about Marans and their supposedly dark eggs. Our USA Cuckoo didn't have the desired feathered legs although she threw off feathered legs in her Cuckoo chicks but her eggs never got bigger than a golfball and never got to #4 on the egg color chart. 3/eggs per week was her best. She was a heavy hen with a huge appetite, was a lazy forager so didn't dig much, and she was downright mean to her flockmates. Only the smaller Leghorn was able to keep her in place. She was friendly to humans if they had treats but was mostly standoff-ish. The aloof Leghorn was friendlier! We re-homed the Cuckoo after attacking a bantam and the new owner says she is still unpleasant but keeps her for med-lg brown eggs (not chocolate as hyped). We talked with a Florida breeder that said Wheatens on their farm are their best tempered Marans but I'll never believe the hype of having dark egglayers again. Breeders who have foraging Welsums say the eggs are just as dark as their lazy Marans eggs but Wellies have better feed conversion. The one good plus about Marans is for their meat if all else fails about them.

           My friendliest birds

- Caroline, 10 June 2013

My French Marans are my favourite breed - the blues for their regal grace, calmness, the lovely soft noises they make and gentleness. Being so placid they seem to do less damage to the garden than other birds. They seem to grow on nothing, then lay a gigantic, beautiful brown egg (when they do eat much more). I raised mine from chicks and now keep them in the front garden because of their quietness and friendliness, and because as adults they are never flighty. The copper blacks seem a bit more intelligent than the other colours. Very relaxing birds to have around.

           Amazing, lovely breed!

- David, 07 May 2013

Our Maran started laying very late on but ever since has layed every day and there appearance is very nice!

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