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Known in England as the Poland, this is the most popular of the crested breeds. It is also one of the oldest. The origin of this bird and its name is still not clear. Crested birds have been described all over Europe, not just in Poland. It has been known as a pure breed as early as the 16th century. They appeared and received classification at the first poultry show in London in 1845. Then available in four colours.


The Poland is an unusual and beautiful bird. They do look rather strange with their big hair do! They lay a good number of white eggs. Generally classed as a non-sitting bird, they can occasionally become broody. Breeders tend to tie the crest up to keep it clean and allow the bird to see well. The Poland has a thin skull and can suffer from hypothermia quite quickly in the cold. Mites need to be looked out for, as they cannot preen themselves very easily to remove them.


Colours of the Poland are very varied. The best known being the white crested black with its black body and white crest. The other two similarly patterned colours are white crested blue and white-crested cuckoo. These three colours do not have a beard and have wattles; all the other colours have a beard with no wattles. They have white earlobes. The crest of the female should be very round with the males being spikier. The eyes are red in all colours and beaks and legs are dark blue in all except the white crested cuckoo, which has a paler beak and legs. The chamois, gold and silver are all laced.

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Poland - Chick - Multi colours

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Description: lots of colours including frizzles-they are extra at £15

PolandPoint Of Lay Hen Chamois White, Black and also Splash

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Description: We have several Polish hens available in various colours (there is only the option for one photo but we have other colours than the photo we have provided and also a few with the frizzle feather type. They make lovely pets and become extremely tame. The egg size is mid way between a bantam and large fowl and white/cream in colour.

Poland - Point Of Lay Hen

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Description: Lovely young girl-look really strange and funny, we also have some frizzles in chicks and cockerals

Stunning Polish Cockerel

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Description: Handsome Polish Crele Roo looking for ladies to tred with!!

Pair of Blue and Gold Breared Polish/Polands, Hen P.O.L

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Description: We have a pair of bearded Polish bantams for sale £40 for the pair. They are 21 weeks old, so hen just coming into POL. The cockerel is blue and gold in colour with a lovely crest and is a gentleman with his hen, and hen is pure blue. They live under cover and are let out in the day for a few hours to roam free on the grass. Polish are a very good breed of chicken to have, despite being a fancy breed they are very good layers, laying around 200 white eggs a year, and also they don't ruin the grass by digging as much as a lot of other breeds of chickens do like Welsummers, Sussex, Australorp, etc. Any questions please just message us. Thanks for looking.

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Amusing! - Emily, 29 September 2013

I had a Poland cockerel, he was a very handsome boy and took very good care of his flock, unfortunately he was incredibly aggressive toward people, and we had to sell him. On the other hand, all 6 of his children had wonderful temperaments and were fantastic layers! Whether this was the influence of the other breeds I do not know... Still, he was very good at his job and an intelligent bird.

Brilliant! - Wendy, 17 September 2013

I have just bought my first Poland - a white crested black cockerell. Absolutely fell in love with him at a sale I was at and he spent the afternoon sitting on my arm at my trade stall, totally unfazed by everything - quite a crowd puller too! He is incredibly tame and loving - I'd recommend the Polands to anyone who would like friendly pet chickens.

Great - Jane, 26 July 2013

A lovely looking nice natured friendly bantem

Adorable, friendly birds! - Amy, 15 May 2013

Such pretty little things. They are my favourite chicken! Unfortunately they're a bit copy which means they do silly things, like dunking their whole head in a bowl of water including crest, or falling asleep in the most ridiculous places. They're the best pet chicken I've come across, so trusting and always wanting a cuddle. Ours love being picked up and settle down for a nap. Highly recommended!

i love them - Katie, 22 February 2013

i have two of them and they are great

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