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- Ryan, 22 April 2015


           Good pets

- Baronet, 05 March 2015

I have a trio of mixed shades of white,Brought six over from UK to Latvia when I retired just to have them in an extra large garden to grace the sweeping lawns to my villa. I then lost two to a loose and ugly dog. Now having great problems trying to build them up into a steady flock. No one over here has any idea of adoring them.Not one have I seen in four years. I now have a Dutch breeder who sells at shows in Germay and Holland. I do so hope to be able to buy his show winners and start the only Pekin/Cochin breeders sales on this side of the world as England has no idea where the hell we are I cant deal with them. Pity really as the desire to have a flock of these lovely balls of feather is burning us up. Wonderful for you all but in fact the hardest job of searching ever done in my life trying to find a supplier or breeder this side of the ocean,


- Schirstan, 31 October 2014

I have only recently had Pekin bantams , and the three I had have been bought up by a white Sussex hen!! Now the family is really lovely and so full of character. Love our company and sitting on our laps as well as cuddles. I was lucky to have a friend who gave me the bantam eggs for Millie to sit on when broody, oh what a lovely family.

           Sweet and easy.

- Lucy, 10 June 2014

I have only one Pekin, who was rescued by a friend of mine. She is a real character and fitted in fairly quickly with my other bantams. She is broody quite a lot in Summer but she also mothers the other chickens and chats away all the time. She enjoys being carried and stroked and is actually quite clever. Contrary to most information I have read, she has always laid quite a lot of eggs, though they are small, and is still laying well at 3/4 years old. She manages OK in our long grass despite her feathery feet, though they do get a bit bedraggled.

           I love them

- Aimee, 02 June 2014

I think Pekin bantams are fun they are hardly aggressive to anyone and love a cuddle

           I love them

- Aimee, 02 June 2014

I think Pekin bantams are fun they are hardly aggressive to anyone and love a cuddle

           Totes Amazables!

- TobsontheGreat, 12 April 2014

These Chickens are sooo cute and light and are broody loads so they make great Mothers ! I love my pekin sooo much now :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)


- Mia, 20 March 2014

I have 3 of these little hens in my small back garden. They are lovely, friendly almost too friendly when they think you have food! I just wish I had known quite how loud they can be when they are coming into lay. We now call them the far the neighbours haven't complained but my husband has! If like me you live in a terraced house and your neighbours are close just a small word of warning, they aren't very big but they can really make their presence known! Wouldn't be without them though...if the neighbours let me:)


- Lisa, 13 January 2014

A beautiful friendly little bird with a trumpet rather than a cluck: sounds more like a penguin! Always ready for a cuddle but will go broody at the drop of a hat. Eggs are small and adequate but unfortunately not a regular occurance. highly recommended for people with small children and garden lovers as easy to handle and do minimal damage to lawns , flower beds etc

           To unreliable for egg production

- Bantamkeeper, 06 January 2014

Great to have in the garden but to unreliable in the egg laying part

           Pretty birds best garden hen

- Lauren, 19 November 2013

I have had pekins for a few years now and i have about 50 i love the way they are so friendly and they love all the attention. They will just stand and look pretty for as long as you like and they are a pleasure to keep and very easy to look after. Best garden pet.


- Kayleigh, 16 October 2013


- Jane, 26 July 2013

Lovely looking, bit shy, gets a bit picked on by other hens. Broody, sweet natured

           Pekins - Gardeners Best Friend

- Annette, 28 May 2013

I have several pekins as well as a few other breeds and these are by far my favourite. As a keen gardener I love the fact they "help" you with the gardening by eating leatherjackets and other undesirables but do not ruin your established plants with scratching and dust bathing (but note they will give seedlings a bit of hard time even with feathered feet). As broodies they are excellent - irritatingly so if you are looking for egg production - I have a lovely little salmon hen who has already been broody, hatched some chicks and then as soon as the chicks were independent promptly went broody again . . . and its only May! My 4 year old daughter loves them and they are always up for a cuddle even Ennie the cockerel!!

           Pekins make the best pets.

- Emma, 28 January 2013

My first chickens were 6 pekin bantams, 4 lavender hens, 1 black hen and 1 black cockerel. The blacks are beautiful as they have a green sheen to their feathers that shine in the sun (see pics of my two cockerels). They are so easy to handle and don't need a lot of space so are fine in a confined area and good for children to handle They lay a small tinted egg although production isn't high but as a first time chicken owner, they are a must.

           So happy with Pekins

- End, 06 October 2012

Also bought from Beacon Stud in Kent and very happy. We now have 8 hens...2 hybrids, 6 Pekins. I had the hybrids first and it took a few weeks to get the big ones used to the little ones. Now they are all quite happy in together. Today one of the little ones laid her first egg. They are so pretty, friendly and such lovely colourful assortment that it is almost too much to expect any eggs at all! The hybrids have been laying an egg a day so it is great to have them. But I have to admit that the Pekins are my favourites!

           Great pets, kind to gardens & people

- Katrina, 30 September 2012

I bought my sexed youngsters from Beacon Stud in Kent and they have been great to tame up and are now as friendly as I have ever known a pet!-lovely, healthy birds and just started laying at 20 weeks now and I am told by a friend that they lay only for about 6 months, so I bought some hybrids for the eggs and these as pets! I spent a long time with these helpful people and was so happy with the care and attention they gave us, their breeding birds are truly stunning, with the best array of colours possible-all good advice 1st hand and loads of tips-strongly recommended.

           Pekin Bantams

- Manon, 10 March 2012

My broody bantams! Last year they were broody three times and so not a great egg production. Even after letting them rear their own chicks, they still went broody; howver they were great mothers. They make good pets, are easy to handle and aren't very flighty.

           Blue rinse pair

- Sue, 05 December 2011

We had a pair of lavender pekins in the summer who were at point of lay but not an egg have we seen. They are certainly not as active as the hybrid hen we have, but it is the winter now and friends assure me that they will alter come the spring. On the plus side they do not dig up the garden and do not require a lot of space. When let out to free range they often wander back to the coop after half an hour. Can be quite entertaining and certainly let you know if something has upset them. I am told the eggs are lovely when they lay them!!

           Pekin chickens

- MANDY, 10 October 2011

We have kept chickens for years but untill recently we have always had large fowl (sussex etc) last year we purchased pekin's & are hooked we have 12 mixed variations of colours, 1 is a cockeral, next year we hope to breed some of our own. I strongly recomend these chickens for 1st timers we have found them to be friendly, not to noisy (even the cockeral when crowing is fairly quiet) moderate layers, needing minimum space as they are small & comical (maybe a bit on the dim side ha ha)

           Buff pekins

- Sue, 08 October 2011

Just got two buff coloured pekins - they settled straight in and were dust bathing immediately in their cosy run - climbed straight to the top of the large mahonia bush - guess they have to learn to go into their cosy little raised house instead ! Very pretty and friendly - we are impressed already.I Called them Beatrice and Betty Boo.

           Great little hens

- Claire, 10 August 2011

I got my 3 girls in May and love them to bits. They are funny and inquisitive and lay gorgeous little eggs with lovely big golden yolks. They are very friendly and will sit on my lap/shoulder..especially if being offered a treat!


- Lyle, 10 July 2011

Pekins are brilliant chickens they are so friendy.Pekins are my favourite breed of chicken they are really easy to keep the only thing that is bad about pekins is the fluffy feet .

           These a great hens!

- Harry, 25 June 2011

My little 3 lavender pekins a great pets and i am gettin 3 eggs a day! They a fantastic layers and very friendly .I have tamed mine so that they come to you when u whistle.They make great pets for any type of garden! :)

           They make me smile

- Barbara, 25 May 2011

Got trio of silver partridge 4 days ago. Already sit on my knee making quiet clucking noises whilst I watch TV. Would have hundreds and wish I'd got them sooner. Life will never be the same again - thankfully.

           Wonderfull little balls of fluff!

- Susanne, 20 May 2011

We have one tiny Lavender hen after sadly losing her buff friend last year. She is the second one in the pecking order after the gold pencilled Fayoumi and she bullies the other two (a Silver pencilled Fayoumi and a Welsumer Bantam) mercilessly. It looks hilarious as she is so tiny and doesn't even reach halfway up the Fayoumi! That's Pecky from November to March. Then, in April she will lay tiny eggs for about 3 weeks and after that she goes broody for the entire summer!Sometimes more so: won't get out of the coop unless evicted, glazed expression on her face, ignores the world around her, except for her imaginary egg(s) and tries to build nests wherever she stands by throwing grass and straw behind her. And sometimes you think she is about to come out of that state as she becomes more active, follows the rest out of the coop after about 20 minutes, has long dustbaths and shows an interest in food. And then, maybe after laying another 3-4 eggs, she goes right back into the intensely broody stage The buff hen was broody for several 3-week-periods as well, but had normal spells of egg-laying in between, so for egg production they are not great and they are the WORST diggers of the lot because while the others prefer to forage they spend hours in the dustbath, digging and sleeping in the sun! But we forgive them because they are such lovely birds!


- Hayley, 26 April 2011

Pekins are lovely looking birds. Sadly I lost my Doris to Newcastle Disease 4 weeks ago, so have had to keep Betty on her own. I am getting 3 more this weekend though. Very friendly, easy to catch and dont mind being handked at all. Will cuddle in to you and fall asleep. Mine lay every other day and their eggs are really golden and rich. Brilliant for children and small gardens

           Fluffy delights

- Joseph, 12 March 2011

Small, very pretty and really friendly. They make perfect pets for children and adults as well. Pekins are not good layers but make it up in appearance. Perfect for first time chicken keepers!

           Lovely Chickens!

- Abby, 05 January 2011

We got Pekin Bantams in September and although they havent laid any eggs, they are fantastic chickens and very friendly.

           Great chickens :)

- Anna, 14 November 2010

The pekin Bantams are lovely pet , they are easy to tame and are great around little people . loving chickens ! there eggs are classed as small egg compared to the shops eggs . they lay one a day and lay all thought winter . if you are thinking of getting a pekin Bantam i would advise you to get a trio or a pair so they arnt on there own and if you are introducing them with other chickens its a good idea to get to of the same so they stay together . apart from that they are friendly with the garden and dont make a mess .

           Columbian Pekin

- Maureen, 08 October 2010

I have chicks, three Lavender and black, two white and black. Columbian Pekins. They love to be picked up and perch on top of the cube ladder, watching whats going on.

           Tiny little things

- Joe, 19 September 2010

Omlet and Scramble are our pekins and, although not too friendly, will eat worms from your hand. They are cute and children love them, and they do not damage the garden like hybrids do. They can fly though,and I was told they couldn't. Ours could easily clear a 5ft fence. They like to roost on top of the chicken house, away from the faverolles who lives below. They are great at eating pests such as grubs and caterpillars though.

           Very Good for children

- Oscar, 09 August 2010

I enjoy breeding pekin bantams. They are excellent broodies and raise chicks very often. They are good layers of small eggs. Mine lay daily during the summer.They are very friendly although the roosters can be aggressive but are easily tamed.They are beautiful birds and require little maintenance and space, although they cannot be kept in a muddy field as they have beautiful long feathers on their feet. Pekins are a great breed and my favourite of all time.


- Lisa, 07 August 2010

I love my pekin bantams, I have two cocks Elvis and Bert (who was bought as a hen) and my girl Aggie, who hatched her very own little girl Mabel last year, this year she's hatched another little chick who is now nine weeks old and looks to be another hen. These birds are fantastic pets, they have such endearing personalities, they get on great with my ex-battery hens but do not like my leghorn bantams though they do tolerate them. They make great mothers and are very protective of their young. They're not great egg layers though for a few months during the good weather they do lay every other day but they are so lovely I don't mind. The two that have been hatched here are unbelievabley tame and love a cuddle. They don't wreck the garden, the only damage they've done is enlarge a little hole in the lawn that was already there to have dust baths in. Everyone should have some!


- George, 29 July 2010

Lovely little birds and are the friendliest of any chickens I have ever kept.

           What a great little chickens

- Lisa, 20 July 2010

Hello, I looked after 2 chicks for my friend, when it came to giving them back me and my son where so upset we went and got 2 for our garden, what great little chickens, great with kids dogs rabbits, they sit on my door step and wait for me to come back out of the house, easy to pick up, they do always chatter away, will eat anything u get them, even my 1 year old will pick up and have a cuddle, no eggs yet as they are still only 7 weeks old, any one looking to get chickens that have the garden then these are great, their names are gerry and ruth named after nannys.

           Really friendly pets

- Catherine, 07 June 2010

I have acquired 3 little pekin lavender partridge hens recently. They are all really friendly, and easy for me and my next door neighbour's children to pick up and pet. They are pretty too, though their little feathered feet do get a bit grubby (but apparently can easily be washed, though I haven't tried this yet). They waddle about my garden for all the world like someone with their trousers round their ankles and chatter all the time. The only dammage they are doing to my cottage syle / flowers and paths but no lawn, garden is treading on plants that I have forgotten to stake. Other than that they are eating lots of bugs and grubs which I'm delighted with. I'm smitten. At the moment I'm getting about 1 egg every other day. Though very small these are lovely in a salad.

           Lovely little birds

- Jane, 29 May 2010

I have three gorgeous girls, that are friendly, cuddly and very cute. They make lovely pets and are small and garden friendly. They are fiesty with my ex-bats who can be a bit thuggish, but overall they all get on really well. Nice little tasty eggs and am getting aprox 3-5 per hen a week. Only downside is they get a bit vocal when they have laid an egg, but we just find it funny and fortunately our neighbours don't mind because we keep them happy with free eggs!

           Pretty birds

- MORROW, 14 April 2010

Our Pekins are my son's. He is particularly fond of our lemon cuckoo 'Princess Layer', she lays tiny eggs and it took her ages to come into lay, she now lays every 2nd/3rd day. Our other Pekin lays much bigger eggs, they are similar size to our Bantam Wyandottes, but she does make a huge fuss about it and it can take hours! They are very funny with their feathered feet, but this can be a problem if their run isn't covered although they don't destroy the garden! Lovely 'pets' for young children, but not the best layers.

           Small bird, big personality

- Marnie, 13 April 2010

I chose pekins for my average sized suburban garden because their feathered feet and size seemed to make them the most suitable. I have never regretted it. They are marvellous, feisty little birds, and all eight of mine have their own unique characters. As an added bonus, I still have a lawn and most of my plants.

           One of the Best Breeds of Bantam!

- Aimee, 07 April 2010

Out of all the chickens I have ever encountered Pekins are now my favourite, vocal, friendly, chatty, love to be cuddled, broody, beautiful....... Have found that keeping them with a layer of bark on top of their outdoor 'earth zone' helps keep their feet clean and encourages decomposure beneath the surface, encouraging worms, which they love! They are happy with my Watermaels and silkies and even my placid LF Marans, just really sociable little people. My pekin cocks are very gentlemanly, looking after their family clan :) Not a bad word to say about this breed, although I never expect high egg yield from them over the winter months.

           Brilliant Little Guys!:)

- Molly, 23 March 2010

I reccomend these birds 100%. Great with kids, quite hardy, very friendly, don't dig much, eat your weeds, good layers, small cream eggs and get on with my turkey! They are very beautiful creatures and are good to show!:) Good luck all!

           A friendly, tame, small, easy going bantam.

- Ewsee, 07 March 2010

My pekin partrige bantam Delilah is very light and easy to pick up. She is lovely to hold and once fell asleep whilst I was holding her. Our garden is not too big, but big enough for her and our pink eglu. She loves exploring the garden, (and the worms) if you are sitting near her she will come back to you. However my 2 marans just pecked her slightly for the first day, but she soon learn't how to fight back and they now love each other. She is very tame and I am glad that made this decision of getting her, she is perfect and I recommend her for first time owners like me!


- Lin, 07 March 2010

I fell in love with the look, friendliness, colour and motherly instinct of my first trio of pekins and have added another 3 to my family. One of my hens, fudge, even hatched 3 ducklings last year. At the moment I have buff, lemon, millie and black and white. I love them all and would miss not having them as companions.

           Love them

- An Omleteer, 30 January 2010

Stunning is the only word I can think of.


- Craig, 10 January 2010

I have 2 Pekin bantams 1 a white and the other a lavender. Absolutely brill little birds. So tame and friendly my 2 little daughters love them. The Pekins live with 2 Marans' (they do get a little 'hen pecked' by these esp the little white 1!) and 2 pilkies (Pekin x silkie). If you hold your arm out to them thy flutter up to in and perch there for a while, but some times because the other hens aren't so tame the Pekin can follow suit. They do love it in the garden a perch on one of the wooden benches, have a dust bath in the wishing well planter and a little scratch in the soil, their little feathered feet get filthy! Pekin aren't to flighty but can get upto 3 ft to get back in the coop if gate shuts, I've also seen them fly 6-8 ft but only a few inches from ground level when they haven't noticed the other chickens have moved away and then realise abd want to catch them up! But in my opinion lovely looking pet/garden bird, ideal foe a childs pet.

           I'm totally smitten

- Anne, 13 November 2009

More than just a chicken! great little characters and so friendly. Pretty good layers as well but not through the winter months but who cares I could'nt imagine life without my little buddies. No one visits me without falling for their charm.

           I love them

- Joshua, 27 September 2009

I love my pekin pair they are quite friendly and are easy to pick up! I have the black mottled pair and the black is very shiney and overall they are a lovely bird

           Great first time and family pets

- Lewis, 02 June 2009

They may not lay too many eggs, but they soon make up for that in personality. One of the friendliest breeds of chickens I've ever seen. Their small size makes them ideal for family homes with small children, as the children do not feel intimidated by them. Come in many different colours.

           They are great layers if you feed them!

- Tedsmum, 28 May 2009

I have kept pekins - black, blue, buff,white on and off for thirty years and have had some very good layers. We have often had hens laying until late November and starting again in February and get half a dozen eggs a week from a hen. It depends on: how much daylight they see - get up early and let them out! how much you feed them - ours like wheat & cut maize best but are supplemented by free range foods. I think they lay well because they love to be out in the garden and get as much daylight as possible plus loads of extra variety in their diet. The garden does sometimes suffer but best to see what they don't eat and go for those plants in your scheme. They are soothing and cheery and the eggs are excellent - more yolk to white ratio than those of a larger bird.

           Very freindly and quite good layers.

- An Omleteer, 05 May 2009

My pekin pair, custard cream and flapjack were both very friendly. Custard was often broody and flapjack was always making us laugh. custard cream was a good layer but it didn't last long as she always went broody. Sadly, last year (08) they were killed by our neighbours dog.

           Bouncing Friendly Fluff

- Scramble, 02 May 2009

Pekins are very friendly and great with young children. They potter happily around the garden contentedly pecking. They have real characters and even though they're small they can fight their ground! They have been known to chase each other round the garden for worms. They are not the best layers, generally laying every other day very pale cream eggs ranging from 30 - 45g, but they make up for it in their garden friendly attitude and fluffy companionship.

           Sad lonely cockerel

- Jill, 28 April 2009

On 28th April 2009 our Pekin Bantam hen passed away - aged 10 years old. Our wonderful cockerel has been a fantastic mate to 3 hens over the last 8 years and is now very lonely and we would love to find a home for him - we could deliver within 30 mile radius of Midhurst, West Sussex

           Pekin batams

- An Omleteer, 06 April 2009

They are nice chickens to look at in your garden and they don't do any damage. However they are broody for about 6 weeks in the summer and lay hardly any eggs.

           Beautiful and comical balls of fluff

- Prunio, 05 March 2009

They are tame and even our cockerel doesn't mind being handled. Only 1 is producing eggs so far this year. We liked them so much we had a batch hatched, and now have to rehomed 2 beautiful little boys, 1 mille fleur, the other Blue partridge - bless!

           Very beautiful, tame and garden friendly

- An Omleteer, 08 February 2009

Such beautiful and friendly birds, they have great characters and become very tame if handled gently and regularly. They are not destructive of lawns or flower beds as they don't like to dirty their feet! They need to be kept on clean ground though because their feathery feet do get very muddy quickly and this can cause problems to the birds if it becomes caked and dried.

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