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           Wrong Brred

- Allison, 18 July 2013

That is a sliver martin not a sliver fox !!!;;;

           K3 silver foxes

- JRabbit, 13 April 2013

Your picture on the sight was a sliver martin not a silver fox. i have one and they are not popular at all and most people dont even know the breed. i love the breed. they are so docial and sweet. thank you


- Ella, 06 January 2013

I have a black Silver Fox rabbit with brown eyes. She is very friendly and never bites or scratches. She can go outside without a lead because she never runs away and she used to be an amazing jumper and runner but she is to old now. She is 7 years old and would fall over if she tried a jump but can still run quite fast. She can be handled very easily and makes a very good show rabbit because whenever I take her to the Marymas fair their is a pet show and I enter her and my dog Cody. Apart from Wispper their are normally about 30 dogs and she always looks very calm and wins 1st place!

           Re Oscar the silver fox

- Emma, 14 July 2012

I had a beautiful silver fox rabbit, called Oscar. He was intelligent, enjoyed going for walks to parks and beaches, and he even enjoyed coming on holiday to our friends caravan. He had a carry bag, so I could take him into town, and he was always interested in what was going on around him. As a breed I have heard they are one of the friendliest, and people always commented on how sociable he was; he never showed any fear when 'meeting' new people, or going into new situations. He was my best friend and a wonderful rabbit.


- Donna, 23 June 2012

I have four silver foxes (3girls1boy)two with lilac eyes and two with blue eyes and the best rabbits I have had I have had loads of rabbits different kinds but these and the lop are so soft and gentle they enjoy being walked on a lead very clever and love attention when ever they can get it love them to bits

           The silver fox rabbits are very nice

- Sarah, 26 September 2011

They have a good fur and they are like chinchillas they have the same behavor of the chinchilla.

           The most wonderful animal i have owned

- Emma, 27 May 2011

I got my female silver fox about 4-5 years ago when she was 10 weeks and i have always handled her, she has the best temperament, she has had 5 litters and she has allowed me to go in and have a look and hold them without being territorial and eating them, all her litters have grown into healthy rabbits, so i am told by the people who bought them. I wouldn't change a thing about her, her cutest feature is her one solitary white paw, so cute.


- Helen, 17 July 2010

I have never stud a rabbit in my life and never had a pregnant one. Early this year a got a young silver fox Xenglish dutch. I have been doing reseach on this breed and they turn out to be red listed (critical). I was wondering if it would be worth studying him and help boast up the silver fox popualtion? Also they are extremely friendly and my little one gets on very well with my other bunnys.


- An Omleteer, 09 January 2010

I got my silver fox last spring and he has been the best friend I could ever of asked for. They are quite large rabbits with enourmous back feet with dainty front ones. In the colder seasons the fur can have a reddy orange tint which is stunningly beautiful.They can be tamed quite guickly and are very friendly. They are by far the most beautiful and silky rabbit!

           Lovely rabbits

- Claudette, 10 December 2009

II was actually my neighbours rabbit, but it was a cross between a rex and a silver fox. it looked just like the one in the picture above. It was a lovely, lovely rabbit and we even offered to have it. i had a netherland dwarf which was an evil, evil little rabbit! it looked cuter than it was (which is the case with smaller rabbits). the bigger the better! believe me! You'll find that the larger rabbits have more trouble finding a home (because they are so big and eat more, poo more etc!). but they really are friendly giants.

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