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Great and very helpful - Sarah,

Got three lovely Bantams from Surbiton Poultry - great range, healthy birds and owner was really helpful and gave tips/advice etc.

A very good experience - Fisher,

We have 5 girls bought from Simon, each one a treasure, beautifully cared for well handled even before we got them. Expert advise given and a common sense approach encouraged. We have a Rhode Island, a crested legbar and three Sussex girls, a light, a silver and a speckled. Each one a character in her own right. We were welcomed and shown around and introduced to the adults so we knew just what we were getting. Would highly recommend the company, very knowledgeable proprietor , and so many beautiful girls to choose from.

excellent! - Safiya,

Found this seller through this website and a google search... We were able to collect our 4 chickens in the day we called, probably because it was a weekend. We got to pick our chickens. Given some useful advice, although I do have a few more questions which I will ask. Am confident we will get a clear reply. We are also planning on getting a few more from the same place. They have a large stock of chickens, chicks and even ducks! All kept well. We were even allowed to have a look around. Such a lovely experience.

5 STAR - Owen,

I bought 1 isabrown and 1 rhode rock from Simon .found him very helpful whether i contacted him by phone or email. The girls were in fantastic condition when i went to pick them up.I have never had chickens before and no question was laughed at too much[,from how long will they live, to showing me how to clip wings.] i have no problem in recomending Surbiton Poultry for anyone from novice to, EGGSPERT!!

Vary good - Rhino,

After considering keeping chickens for some time, I found Surbiton Poultry through your website. After the initial email,s we spoke on the phone and went to visit at the weekend. Me and my children came away with 2 lovely hens that are now laying an egg aday each. We were shown around and given all the do's and dont's about chichen keeping including all the pest and parasite problems and what prevention to take. I would recomend Surbiton Poultry to anyone locally who is looking to keep chickens. Rhino Hawkins Tolworth