Omlet provides access to training courses all over the country. Run by our customers, you can learn first hand how to keep Chickens, become a Beekeeper or one of many other fantastic skills. Search the map below to find a course near you.

Available Courses

Family Feathers and Fun! Hosted by Sara Ward

Price: £45.00

Date: Wed 29 Jul 2015

Time: 14:00 pm - 16:00 pm

An afternoon for all the family in the garden at Hen Corner…

You will be welcomed with a warm drink and introduced to the joys of keeping chickens!

We’ve been keeping chickens, here in London, since 2007 and currently have ten big hens in an Eglu Cube and four bantams in an Eglu Go.

Price: £45.00 per adult (includes up to two children per adult)

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Hens For Everyone-Summer Evenings Hosted by Claire & Steve Peach

Price: £15.00

Date: Thu 30 Jul 2015

Time: 18:30 pm - 20:00 pm

We will be holding a course on 'Hens for Beginners'. Come and have a look at our eglus and cube, the birds and take the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want - we're sure you will go away with the knowledge required to look after your own hens.

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Keeping chickens is fun Hosted by Louise Whaley

Price: £35.00

Date: Sat 01 Aug 2015

Time: 11:00 am - 14:00 pm

Hello. My name is Louise and I started my chicken addiction after looking after a friend's chickens whilst they went on holiday and there it all began. I was very fortunate as the first course I went on was run by a lady who had a huge amount of knowledge and passion and who was willing to share all the best tips! I would like to continue that legacy by helping other people. I really look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the totally addictive world of chickens! More Info & Booking

Hen Party For Beginners Hosted by Lisanne McEvoy

Price: £18.00

Date: Sat 01 Aug 2015

Time: 13:00 pm - 15:00 pm

All you need to know about keeping chickens but were too afraid to ask!  This is a fun, informal 2 hour course packed with advice aimed at those just starting out, considering taking the plunge or just interested.  You will get to meet our hens, see the Classic Eglu AND Eglu Cube and learn how to care for chickens.  This is all done in a normal garden in a modern estate in north Manchester, so come and book your place to see how you can make chicken keeping work in your own home.

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Starting out in hen keeping Hosted by Heather Butler

Price: £30.00

Date: Sun 02 Aug 2015

Time: 10:00 am - 14:00 pm

We live on a pheasant estate in the North Wales countryside and have bred, reared and cared for our mixed flock of hybrids, ex-battery and now lovely bantam and silkie hens for over three years. During term time I teach adults history and genealogy. We absolutely love our country life and want to share our experience with those who want to have a go chicken keeping!

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Chicken Keeping for Complete Beginners. Hosted by Lisa Bushby

Price: £28.00

Date: Sun 02 Aug 2015

Time: 10:00 am - 13:00 pm

The course that I am offering is for the complete beginner, or anyone thinking about or has just started keeping chickens at home. Maybe you have been keeping chickens for a while and you want to come along for some reassurance or a bit of a refresh. It's all very informal , but extremely informative and I would want you to enjoy your time with us and get all of your questions answered and go away armed with the knowledge you need to keep healthy , happy chickens in the garden. More Info & Booking

Hen party for beginners Hosted by Marie Doherty

Price: £25.00

Date: Sun 02 Aug 2015

Time: 11:00 am - 13:30 pm

This course gives an introduction to keeping chickens and is suitable for beginners  It covers all you need to know to get started with your own chickens and an insight to the delights of these gorgeous creatures and the fun they bring to your family . It is held in my garden, so bring your raincoat and wellies just in case. I also offer exclusive family courses by arrangement. My flock include Sussex, Marans, Orpingtons, legbars and mixed hybrids.

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Chicken Keeping for children Hosted by Lisa Bushby

Price: £10.00

Date: Wed 05 Aug 2015

Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am

The course that I am offering is especially for children - its a cut down more fun version of the complete beginners guide. I find that children get bored when they are on the adult course so this course is built to be fun and informative at the same time - they will clean out the chicken house and get a feel for whats its like having the responsibility of looking after chickens every day. They can get any questions answered - have a cuddle with a chicken and enjoy home made cakes. Fabulous ! More Info & Booking

Beginners Guide to Incubation-Hatch your own chicks! Hosted by Claire & Steve Peach

Price: £20.00

Date: Fri 07 Aug 2015

Time: 18:30 pm - 20:00 pm

Our brand new course, a beginners guide to incubation. All the information that you need to get started hatching your own chicks. We specialise in supplying schools with incubators and hatching eggs and want to share our knowledge on the joy of hatching. More Info & Booking

Introduction to Chicken Keeping Hosted by Cheryl Arvidson

Price: £46.00

Date: Sat 08 Aug 2015

Time: 09:30 am - 12:30 pm

This is an introductory session for people who are thinking about keeping chickens. It is divided between theoretical and practical learning, including a look at the different breeds and housing we have and the chance to handle our birds.

A second adult from the same family is £30 and children (5 to 16) are £5, both BY ARRANGEMENT. Payment for these places can be made on the day.

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