Type: Chicken Keeping

Date: Sat 25 Oct 2008

Time: October 25, 2008 10:30 - 12:30 pm

Location: St Johns,Woking

Rating:   4 reviews


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About the course

Wheelchair Access: Yes

Dog Friendly: Yes

Child Friendly: Yes

learn how to pick a suitable garden spot day to day care and maintenaince and suitable bedding what to feed the chickens and where to buy it from how to hold a chicken and wing clipping you can ask lots of questions and chat with me and others on the course enjoy tea and homemade cake ! get a goody bag at the end. You can contact me afterwards by phone or e-mail if you are having problems.

About Me

I live with my partner of 23 years and our 6 year old son,in a 2 bed semi with a 121 ft garden.Weve been keeping chickens since sept 06,a dream come true for me!.We started with 2 chickens `sally & flo` that came from Omlet with our eglu. This year I wanted some more and found out about the ex-battery hens.We rescued 8 and they are an absulute delight!.My special ladies have settled in beautifully and its so nice to see them happy and scratching about naturally.All the eggs taste delicious and their yolks are so golden.`flo` gave us our first doulble yolker over the summer!it was yummy just simply fried. They all want to join in when were down in their patch and they come running when they here us coming!.They start clucking like there talking to us ( I know Im nuts!). We also have 4rabbits,Jasper,Duchess,Storm &Shadow,4 cats Elsa,Jim,Katy & samson and 1goldfish called Dori. If you want chickens and dont know where to start,this course is for you.Come and see us and handle and hug a chicken soon!!!.They make very good pets and are so easy to keep. (children over 12 are welcome,but must book a place please and only if they are really interested.Thankyou) (please note that "wing clipping" cant always be demonstrated as chickens only need it done once a year.) Best wishes, Suzanne.

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Reassuring - John,

Took delivery of an Eglu and girls two-three weeks ago so wanted to seek the advice and experience of an old hand. Picked up some useful tips and ideas, and got the reassurance that I wanted. Suzanne was an excellent hostess, made us all feel comfortable very quickly, covered a lot of ground, and was very responsive to our questions. Thinking about it afterwards, I suppose that I was expecting a box of lovely eggs in the goody bag - that must surely be the best advert for Eglu. But I can see the logistics of it might wipe out egg production for a few days, or longer if there was a full house. It was a very friendly, pleasant and useful experience. Thank you.

Hen party for Beginners - Linda,

We had a wonderful time, thank you. I even got lent a coat as I'd inadvertently left mine on the bannister at home ! Very informative and all questions answered fully. We got to catch and learn to handle the wandering hens. Suzanne made us very welcome and by telling us her experiences over the last 2 years, we learnt what was best and what not to do, thereby saving our hens any horrible experiences. We had tea and cakes to finish the morning and continue chatting about how best to look after our hens. So I'm already to go now. Kindest Regards, Linda Hadden

Mrs - An Omleteer,

I understand that this was Suzannes first 'party'. Although very nervous she was very welcoming and friendly. She spent a lot of time with us all explaining about keeping chickens and answering questions. She had made the most delicious cakes for us from the eggs that her chickens had laid and provided us with tea. I was a little disappointed that we were not shown wing clipping etc. Perhaps my expectations were too high? All in all a pleasant morning.

Review - Glencross,

We really enjoyed the course and in particular getting to handle a chicken. We now feel much more confident about the prospect of getting a few chickens.

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