Type: Chicken Keeping

Date: Sun 01 Apr 2012

Time: April 1, 2012 10:00 - 12:00 pm

Location: Lightwater, Surrey

Rating:   22 reviews


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About the course

Wheelchair Access: No

Dog Friendly: Yes

Child Friendly: Yes

This session is an introduction to keeping quail and/or chickens in your back garden and should take approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours. You will have lots of opportunity to observe and meet the girls, see their accommodation and ask questions.

On the day you will learn how to:

  • choose, site, set up and clean an eglu and cube
  • settle your quail or chickens into their new environment
  • handle the hens (if you can catch one!)
  • manage their daily care and maintenance requirements  
  • look after their basic health and wellbeing
  • keep them safe from predators
  • prepare for dealing with a broody hen
  • recognise illness and what to do
  • provide a fun and exciting environment for them to live in
  • and make the most of your quails and chickens eggs!

You will need to come dressed ready for the weather as the course will be held outside. Old shoes or wellies, waterproofs and a golf umbrella are recommended! And if we have freaky sunshine, bring some suncream!

We will round the session off with a cuppa and a slice of homemade cake (made with freshly laid eggs from my chickens) and you can ask as many questions as you wish.  

Unfortunately the garden is not fully wheelchair accessible but we will do our best to accommodate where possible.

 *Children must be accompanied by an adult and pay full price for a place on the course (but they will get an extra piece of cake and go home with a memorable experience).

We accept no responsibility for any loss or injury whilst on the premises. By booking on this course you are agreeing to these terms.

About Me

* Omlet’s first quail/eglu keeper!* and "Sunday Times feature (Home Section 24th April 2011)"

I am Cathie and I just adore my chickens (and their eggs)! Having kept lots of different pets over the years including stick insects, snakes, lizards, chameleons, hamsters, cats, giant land snails, hermit crabs, rabbits and guinea pigs, I can confidently say that chickens are by far the most fun, rewarding and enjoyable pets we have ever had. We bought our first chickens and a cube from Omlet in 2008, after attending a chicken keeping course for beginners. We have 5 chickens in the cube, an eglu which is home to 3 ex battery hens and another eglu where our 4 Italian Quail live. I actually bought the quail (and eglu) for my partner’s 50th birthday last January, so technically they’re not mine!

We’ve had our ups and downs as chicken and quail owners and have experienced the wonders of buying our first hens, establishing and preparing their new home, finding our first egg, going through the process of introducing new hens, dealing with bullying, accommodating our broodies to hatch their own chicks (twice), managing the inevitable illness and dealing with vets.

The delight at collecting your own eggs on a daily basis and sharing a glut of surplus eggs with a grateful neighbour is so rewarding.

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Excellent - Sue,

Meeting Cathie was one of life's pleasures. She so obviously loves her chooks and is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and practical about the subject. As somebody just thinking about putting my toe in the water, she inspired me. Definitely a worthwhile morning!

Great Course - Michael,

Cathie made us very welcome and wasn't afraid to warn of the chicken keeping lows as well as highs. we really enjoyed having the girls eat out off our hands! and have left with much to mull over.

Fantastic introduction to chicken keeping. - Robin,

Cathie made us feel very welcome and shared her experience with us. We now feel very confident in going out and setting up our chickens! A great introduction to keeping chickens.

Fabulous Course - Beth,

My daughter and I have spent a brilliant 2 hours with Cathie this afternoon. She is very passionate about her girls which was very infectious and extremely knowledgeable. We have taken away lots of information to think about and it has definitely made our minds up about wanted to keep chickens for ourselves. The tea and amazing cake was a great way to finish off the session. Thank you so much Cathie.

Very good - Jane,

Cathy was really welcoming and answered all our questions. It opened our eyes to the realities of keeping birds and gave us lots to think about.

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