Type: Chicken Keeping

Date: Sun 11 May 2008

Time: May 11, 2008 10:30 - 12:00 pm

Location: Chelmsford, Essex

Rating:   8 reviews


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About the course

Wheelchair Access: Yes

Dog Friendly: No

Child Friendly: Yes

You will:
  • Learn how to pick a suitable garden spot
  • Day to day maintenance required to keep chickens
  • How to feed your chickens
  • How to hold a chicken
  • See samples of the colours that the eglu comes in
  • And of course you can ask lots of questions
  • Get an Omlet goody bag – including a chicken keeping guide
  • Please Note: This course is not suitable for children under 12. Children over 12 are more than welcome to come on the course but they must book a place.

    About Me

    I live in the village of Rettendon in Essex with my young son James (6) and my mother lives in the granny annexe! I wanted to keep chickens for a while and when we moved to the country I spent several months persuading 'the anti-chicken' (Mum) that we should get an Eglu and some hens. Of course she is now the first one to worry about the and give them treats. She also upgraded the accommodation to a Cube and we still have the Eglu, which we use for introducing new hens. Our chicken count is also up to 9, with one ex-battery hen and one "freecycled chicken of fate". We also have a huge "walk on run" (I do mean on not in although you can do both!) They are fantastic pets, they come running when they hear us shout and if the see us in the kitchen they come and 'knock' on the door with their beaks until we go and talk to them (or give them a treat). Looking after them is a breeze, a few minutes each day ensures they are fed and watered and once a week I give them a good clean out. Its easy enough for me to manage and I work full time and take full responsibility for looking after the girls (Mum is in charge of treats only). The only other job is collecting the eggs - the best I've ever tasted! You will get to see all the daily and weekly maintenance, how to clean the Eglu and Cube as well as how to handle a bird, deal with introducing new hens and the basics of hen health. We do have a huge garden and the hens help us with the maintenance, they keep the weeds down but don't damage the shrubs - any plants they are partial to get quickly relocated to the front garden (a Cosmos was a stalk in a day!!). They also keep the soil nicely turned over with their scratching and dust bathing. All in all they are both useful and productive pets. Our house is located conveniently for both the A12 and the A127 and is easily accessible from both via main roads. There is the added bonus of being close to the RHS gardens at Hyde Hall - which are well worth a visit. There is ample parking on our driveway and in the service road outside. Our garden is fully wheelchair accessible but there is a step up to each of our doors to gain access to the house.

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    Eggcellent - sorry!!! - Liz,

    A really enjoyable and informative afternoon. Kathryn is a very knowledgeable host who answered all our questions. Can't wait to get our own chickens now.

    Hen Party for Beginners/advanced - Lauren,

    Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Kathryn is an experienced and knowledgeable keeper of chickens and passed on some extremely valuable advice. I felt I asked a lot of questions and Kathryn patiently answered all of them. I came into the course thinking I might like to keep chickens and came out knowing I definitely wanted some. I've ordered a large chicken coop and am very much looking forward to getting my chickens. I met a lovely couple on the course and we are going to keep in touch and swap notes. This was a completely positive experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Additionally, the Omlet website is extremely useful and helpful and many of my friends who already keep chickens have recommended your site and products to me. Lauren Hatwell

    Chicken keeping - a fact finding mission ! - Jon,

    We have been missing free range eggs which used to be available in our village and decided to investigate keeping our own chickens. We travelled on a lovely Autumn day from Cambridge to Chelmsford knowing nothing and came away having had a very enjoyable and knowledgeable time deciding that , when costs permit we shall certainly take the plunge and join the ever increasing band of chicken owners. Kathryn was knowledgeable and helpful and convinced us that chicken keeping was for us !

    Hen Party for Neginners - Sarah,

    I really enjoyed this! It was friendly, relaved and everything I wanted to know I found out! The home-made cake wad great too! Thanks very much - now all I need are the chickens!!

    our girls are here! - Kay,

    What a great day we had! Really can't say how good it was. We went with an open mind thinking that by the end of it we would be for or against. We ended up most definately for, and upgraded from a eglu with 2-3 to a cube with 6 girls - complete turn about.... the day was informative about care and upkeep and what to feed them and basic first aid, what else could we ask for? It was lovley to be able to handle the girls too, I thought Kathryn was very brave letting stranges do it. At the end we came away with a great canvas bag which has been in constant use ever since.. I think that every prospective keeper should attend something like this to see if it really is for them. thanks kathryn! :-)))

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