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I have kept various types of poultry for over 15 years now, including pure breed chickens, hybrids, ex-battery hens, ducks, geese quails and even a few turkeys! I've hatched many many chicks and - yes - I do eat the odd spare cockerel, dispatching, plucking and dressing it myself. I DO NOT cover the dispatching of chickens on my courses! My favourite breeds are the large ones - buff orpingtons, cochins and jersey giants and those that lay dark eggs, but I find even the ugliest most dishevelled bird very lovable! Since 2008 Ive always had a few ex battery hens too! I live on a little registered smallholding in Lancashire on the border or Bury and Bolton with my family and animals including our Shetland and Ouessant sheep.

My chicken keeping courses are very informal and relaxed and are based on my 13 years experience with my feathery girls and boys .



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