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Hi, I'm Lisanne, and I run the Omlet hen keeping courses at my home in north Manchester. I am a mad chicken/cat lady and pet blog writer, and my day job is a training officer for a well known pet charity.  I have run these courses since 2011 and have enjoyed every one of them. Beginners and established owners have been on my course along with teachers and charitable organisations setting up their own chicken projects. We also had an attendee from France! The course has also provided useful training for pet sitters and employees using our on screen presentation, materials to make notes and a practical session outdoors. All are welcome to book a place from 7 years upwards 

I have kept all types of animals in my life but chickens definitely rock!  They are relatively low maintenance and they produce fresh eggs as well as manure, pest control and provide us with entertainment. Time flies when you are in a garden with hens as they are very watchable characters.  They are the pets that keep on giving!  When we first started out, there was limited information available and no one else kept chickens as pets in the area.  Chickens were still regarded purely as farm stock, so I think a lot of people thought we were a bit mad!  We have had various breeds of hens,  but at the moment we just have pure breds and also some chickens and ducks we hatched previously.  We like to choose hens that lay different coloured eggs for variety and also so we know who's pulling their weight!  We also have 3 cats, Bart, Phoebe and Ringo who like to watch the chickens antics from the window.

We've kept hens for 9 years now and we've had our ups and downs, and learnt that some problems just aren't covered in text books!  This is why we started running our chicken keeping courses, primarily to provide a friendly intro and practical advice.  We keep it informal so you can ask your own questions.  They have been so popular, we often get past course attendees email us when they get their own hens and also when they have further queries.  Chicken keeping has grown massively in this area and I hope to pass on our knowledge through our courses so other people can have as much satisfaction as we do and avoid any potential problems.

Our 3 hour courses include refreshments and printouts of useful contacts and a hen shopping list!  There are also samples and vouchers to take away (one set per household).  Hope thats everything covered, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. More chicken information is available on my blog website or you can like my Facebook Page and get regular updates!



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Very informative, helpful & enjoyable! -

I would highly recommend the chicken keeping course with Lisanne. She is a warm and friendly person with endless knowledge & experience in caring for chickens as pets and as a hobby. The course was also helpful for learning about types of Eglu's and chicken housing set-ups.


Spent a lovely afternoon with Lisanne and her happy hens. Gained so much knowledge and confidence from someone who is clearly passionate about hen and all animal welfare. Highly recommend. Oh and there was lovely cake as an added bonus.

Intro Chicken course -

A really useful course. Lisanne has so much experience which she shared with us. All the hints and tips not found in keeping chicken guides. We felt confident enough to clip our birds wings when we got home. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Fantastic enjoyable course! -

I had a great time at the course on Sunday. Lisanne made us feel so welcome and we learnt so much! Thank you Lisanne for sharing your knowledge with us newbies and answering all our questions. The course was relaxing yet thorough, with the opportunity to go into the back garden to see the coups and how to maintain them. The highlight of the course was handling the chickens!! It has given me the confidence to get some chickens when I return from my holiday in June!

Chicken-tastic! -

Lisanne's course was fantastic, full of practical advice, warm and friendly. No question was too silly, and the whole course was really well thought out, with practical tips and recommendations. The afternoon flew by, and Lisanne's very spoiled chickens were happy to be cuddled and passed round the group! Plus there was homemade cake! Definitely a must for anyone considering owning their own chickens, this course breaks down chicken care and leaves you googling hen houses.....

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