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Like many people, I wanted chickens for many years before finally getting my own. I started with 4 hybrids in 2004 and over the years I have had many different breeds including bantams. This hobby is addictive! I have dealt with many of the common problems and challenges that come with poultry keeping such as introducing new birds,broodiness ,feather pecking, illness and death but most difficulties can be overcome.I have also hatched and raised chicks. My chickens are a joy and I would not be without them.


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Excellent -

Absolutely brilliant course

Really helpful -

This strengthened and confirmed our desire to keep chickens. Blown away by the cleverness of design of the Eglu Cube. Jo was a wonderful host - friendly, knowledgeable, made gorgeous cake ( with 2 eggs!) and even gave us a take-home party box of eggs. Also useful to browse through her chicken books and catalogues. Altogether a super experience! Thank you, Jo! Ellen

An informative introduction! -

As a newbie to chickens this course was informative and interesting! Jo made us all feel very welcome, and it was great to actually see the omlet products, and meet some chickens! A must for anyone considering getting their own little garden friends!!

Chicken course for beginners -

Jo made us feel very welcome and gave good advice on the well-being of the chickens, feeding, watering, cleaning out the chicken houses, highs and lows of having chickens generally things to look out for. Most importantly on how to enjoy having chickens and getting the most out of them. A little hardwork for a great reward - cheeky chickens who lay fantastic eggs ! Thanks Jo. (The cake was divine too!)

friendly, welcoming and positive -

very good intro on keeping chickens. it was lovely to see how the eglue worked, seeing that they were very easy to move with one person and how to clean out. jo was was very good at showing how to handle the chickens and saying what diet is best for them. she also explained the positive and negative of keeping chickens. she handled my brothers phobia of birds but has now over come his fear of chickens, him me and the rest of the family are raring to get some of are own. the homemade cake was delicious and the parting gift of some fresh eggs was lovely. thank you jo for the wonderful experience. kate

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