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Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is upon us once again and it's not just people that are feeling romantic...it's chickens too! Anne Morrow proved this with a photo of her cockerels sharing a tasty meal of corn. It's clear that this pair are good friends and we think it's a brilliant snapshot!

As Barbara mentions later in the newsletter, chickens usually get back to their full laying routine around Valentine's so it's a good time for everyone. It shows us that Spring is starting to Spring and we can look forward to brighter mornings and lighter evenings.

We hope you all have a happy Valentine's Day, and don't forget, our romantic deal of the week will be running until midnight on Sunday, so if you want 10% off anything pink on the website, just use this special code:
LOVE-PINK-2011 ... Perfect for treating the love of your life to that Eglu or Cube they've always desired!


Omlet Screw Pegs

We are proud to present to you our latest product, the Omlet Screw Pegs... 2011's must-have Eglu accessory. Omlet Screw Pegs screw the Eglu run into the ground making it extremely difficult for anything (eg. a fox with a crowbar) to lift it. Each peg has an inbuilt handle making them very easy to use and this pack comes with a drill adaptor for even quicker attachment. To make sure you don't lose the adaptor, it simply twists into place in your Eglu's run mesh, so you'll always know where it is.

Not a fan of chickens but keen on camping? Whether it's holiday camps or festivals, the Omlet Screw Pegs will make a great change to normal tent pegs. They're easier to screw in, they'll ensure your tent is firmly secured to the ground and they look pretty cool too!


Omlet Chicken Netting

Could this be the best chicken netting in the world? We think so, and the reason it's so good is down of you! You see, we love getting feedback from our customers and we try to take on board any comments and suggestions you have. It is down to your feedback that we have come up with a new and improved version of the chicken netting.

So what makes it different from other nettings? Firstly, the poles have two spikes in the end, making it easy to tread them into the ground. Second, all netting comes with a gate, allowing easy access into the area, without having to hurdle! Finally, at 125cm high it is taller than most nettings on the market, making it tricky for flighty hens to escape.

The netting is available in three sizes - 12 metres, 21 metres or 42 metres. Whichever size you choose, it will come in a handy roll and it is easy to put up and move around. The holes in the bottom half are smaller, so that it is suitable to use for birds such as bantams.

The brand new Chicken Netting arrived at our HQ just a few days ago and is already selling like hotcakes, so be quick!


Help us Beat a Record!

Fancy a bit of a challenge? How about trying to set the world record for the highest drop of an egg without it breaking!? The Guinness World Record Egg Challenge Set contains everything you will need to attempt the record, including a booklet with instructions on how to build parachutes and other structures for your egg, and all the materials you will need to put your plan into progress.

This fun gift set got us thinking though....as well as trying to set your own records at home, wouldn't it be fun to set a record together!? With so many chicken keepers out there we are sure that we could team up to do something amazing! But we need your ideas. Some group records have included 'most eggs balanced by a group' (1,972), 'largest scrambled eggs' (1,240kg) and 'largest egg and spoon race' (1,277 people). If you've got an idea of something we could crack email stephanie@omlet.co.uk and we'll have a vote on it!


Snap Happy!

There's still time to enter our latest competition if you haven't done already! It will wipe away your Winter blues, get us smiling in the office and you could win a £20 voucher for your efforts, so what's stopping you? Our photo competition is easy to enter...just strike a pose in front of your Eglu and get someone to take a snap. We want to see smiling faces, colourful coops and chirpy chickens! Send your photos to stephanie@omlet.co.uk by Sunday 20th February for your chance to win!

From the Omlet Team

It's a little bit corny but these are true love birds!














We bet we can beat a batter record than this!













Lauren and hens show us that poses mean prizes!

Course Host of the week

Eggshell Egg Poachers

The old saying that hens come back into lay after their winter break by Valentine’s Day is true again this year and we’re getting a regular supply of eggs. This is a good thing as Tom loves poached eggs on toast. It is his number one favourite treat and for years, I’ve poached the eggs in a frying pan of simmering water “à la Delia” and although this method works very well indeed, the eggs tend to be a little bit watery no matter how well I blot them with kitchen paper afterwards and it spoils Tom’s treat to have soggy toast. In an effort to create the perfect poached eggs for a Valentine’s Day brunch, I’ve been testing out the silicone Egg Poacher Eggshells and my goodness, they are wonderful! I admit to being a bit sceptical because I’m well known for being a traditionalist and in my book, the old way is the right way to do things but these little silicone cups make such perfect poached eggs that I’m converted. All you do is grease the cups with a little olive oil and carefully crack an egg into each while you bring a pan of water up to the boil. Once the water is boiling, pop the silicone cups in and let them float happily on a medium heat with the lid on the pan for 4-6 minutes, depending on how you like your eggs and voila, the most perfectly poached eggs pop out of the cups with ease! No pan scraping. No broken yolks. Tom will be a very happy bunny!



Forgotten to buy a present? Breakfast in bed should make up for it!


Buy Eggshell Egg Poachers now for £5.25

Omlet online shop

The latest products to hit our shelves...

Doorstop - Dog

Even if you don't want to keep any doors propped open, this doorstop dog is so delightful you will probably want to give him a home anyway. He makes a very clean and well behaved little companion and he will be very happy left to his own devices. Complete with glass eyes, denim collar and a pawprint pattern, this boy is a real beauty!

Measures approx 25 x 20cm. Made from 100% cotton and filled with sand and polyester.

Buy now for £17.50

Packable Bag - Cat Shaped

Packable bags have been available for a while now but this one is a little bit different from your average Joe. Shaped like a cat, with glassy green eyes and a silver collar tag, this bag has real character and it makes a brilliant companion. Just clip it onto your handbag whenever you go shopping.

The bag is super strong, spacious, lightweight, and reusable. It measures approx 40 x 45cm and packs away to approx 10 x 16cm.

Buy now for £8.75

Nettex Liquid Tonic with Seaweed - 250ml

Liquid Tonic is a vitamin and full of vitamins and minerals to stimulate appetite and growth during periods of nutritional imbalance. It can be used throughout the year to boost general health and vitality - a bit like taking a vitamin table every day. Alternatively, the doseage can be increased when your hens are under the weather or stressed.

The seaweed in this tonic is brilliant for helping to improve the quality of eggshell strength, improve yolk colour and increase egg-laying, improve egg production and improve absorption of nutrients.

Also available in 100ml bottle.

Buy now for £7.50

Biolink Diatom - 450g

Diatomaceous Earth is a fine white powder made of the ground up fossilized remains of diatoms (a type of algae). It's 100% natural and it works because at a microscopic level the powder is very absorbent and effectively dehydrates parasites it comes into contact with causing them to shrivel up and expire. It can be added to animal bedding or used as a general supplement added to feed. It can be used to control both internal and external parasites.

Suitable for poultry, cats, dogs and horses. Please use according to the instructions on the bottle.

Also available in 2kg tub.

Buy now for £6.67

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