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Happy Easter Everyone!

Time to Start Incubating

Spring is an eggcellent time of the year. It's great to have a bit of sunshine after the gloomy winter, and the longer days mean there's more time to get outside for a spot of walking, gardening or chicken keeping. Easter is a cracking time for relaxing and eating a bit of chocolate, but it's also the perfect time of year to start incubating!

Whether you are an eggsperienced hatcher or brand new to the world of chicks, incubating and hatching eggs is a fascinating and eggciting hobby, as well as a brilliant lesson in science and nature. It's not as tricky as you might think, and if you use the right equipment and follow all the rules, you should have a cute clutch of chicks before you know it.

We have recently eggspanded our range of products for incubation and rearing and we are proud to be stockists of Brinsea, the best in the business of hatching. We have incubators to suit all needs and budgets, from the Mini Eco suitable for 10 eggs, to the Octagon 40 Advance for up to 48 eggs. To make things easy peasy there's even a complete Starter Pack, with everything needed to get started in small scale egg incubation.

Read our online Incubation Guide to find out how to start incubating your own eggs. Find out why it's a good idea to breed chickens, how to incubate naturally and how to use incubators, with great tips and lovely photos! And if you do decide to give incubation a go, please send us some photos...or even better, upload them on the website and get £1 for each one we display!

A chick is for life, not just for Easter!


Eglu Classic on Eggsibition

It's official, the Eglu is an iconic piece of British Design that will go down in history! We've always known that anyway, of course, but the Eglu's latest appearance, in none other than the Victoria and Albert Museum, just goes to prove it! We are really eggcited that the Eglu is on display in the V&A's latest exhibition “British Design 1948-2012: Innovation in the Modern Age”. With over 300 British Design objects, this exhibition highlights significant moments in design history in the last 50 years. Along with the Eglu Classic, there are hundreds of other iconic products, vehicles, architecture, clothing and art. Exhibits include the famous union jack Sex Pistols poster, a Mary Quant mini dress, the Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band record sleeve and the original Dyson vacuum cleaner.

The exhibition opens to the public tomorrow and will run until August 12th, so you've got plenty of time to go and visit. We were lucky enough to have a sneak preview and it is definitely worth a trip! Check out the website for more information.

As well as featuring in the exhibition, Omlet also get a spot in the supporting book, and we will be keeping it safe on the bookshelves at Omlet HQ for years to come!

The Eglu Classic is on display in British Design Eggsibition at the V & A


Allergy Free Eggs in Development

For years, those unlucky enough to have an allergy to eggs will have missed out on a whole world of tasty foods. There might be egg-free alternatives to cake and pastries, but there's no substitution for a fried egg in a full english, or poached eggs in eggs benedict. And let's not even go down the omelette route! So we were amazed to hear recent news that scientists are getting closer to developing allergy-free eggs.

It may sound like a miracle, but eggsperts have discovered that they can 'switch off' allergens in eggs. These eggs will produce chickens that lay allergy-free eggs, while the genes and DNA of the chicken remain unaltered. They say "we are simply modifying the proteins within the egg whites to produce chickens which lay allergy-free eggs."

This is a three year research project that has only just begun, but the eggsperts believe that allergy-free eggs could be in the supermarket within 5-10 years.

We think this is eggcellent news for allergy sufferers, and we hope that everyone will be able to enjoy the brilliance of dippy eggs and soldiers soon!


Brand New Egg Skelter

The Egg Skelter is one of our best-selling products and it continues to fly off the shelves week after week. It's no wonder that chicken keepers can't get 'enouef' of the Skelter – not only does it keep eggs stored in date order, it also looks smart, stylish and pretty funky.

Well, we have very eggciting news for Egg Skelter fans, as we have just introduced a brand new colour to the collection. The Yolk Yellow version is perfect for every egg aficionado and it will look bright and sunny in any kitchen. This colour is eggsclusive to Omlet so you won't find it anywhere else, and we're sure it's going to be a winner! Click here to order yours today for just £19.99!

The Egg Skelter in Yolk Yellow - Eggsclusive to Omet


Decorated Egg Results

Thanks to everyone that entered our Egg Decorating Competition. Your designs were as inspired and creative as always, and the winning eggs were just that little bit eggstra special... Jillian and Abie came up with a scottish themed farm scene, inspired by their surroundings near Aberdeen. We think the chick balanced on a horse is particularly impressive! Amy, from Devon, also chose a farmyard theme, with her eggstraordinary pig. Complete with snout and a curly tail, it is an oinktacular entry. And our favourite just had to be the Spongebob and Patrick eggs, decorated by Fiza and Idris in Rochdale. This Spongebob may not have square pants, but the likeness is uncanny!

Click on the image to see our winners full size!


Easter Competitions

As it's Easter, and we're a generous bunch, we've got not one, but two competitions for you to enter this week! The first is the ever popular caption competition. We rediscovered this fabulous photo whilst browsing the old Omlet gallery pics and we couldn't believe we'd never featured it before. It's not every day you spot a toad in the nesting box with your chicken, so, what must the poor girl have been thinking? Email your caption to stephanie@omlet.co.uk !

Not one with words? Don't worry, because anyone can enter our second competition. Click here to find a selection of our favourite mugs. We've hidden an egg in one of them and you need to guess which one it's in. Email your guess to stephanie@omlet.co.uk !

Both competitions close at midnight on Easter Monday, and the winners will receive a £25 voucher to use on the Omlet website. Good cluck!

Your Caption Here!











































Omlet online shop

Shopping Basket with Play Groceries

If it's time to stock up the play shop this is the perfect package, as there are enough groceries here to keep the customers happy for weeks. You'll find everything from cereal to soap to dog food, and a few chocolatey treats too! These dinky boxes will fill the shelves brilliantly and make a wonderfully colourful display.

It's always good manners to offer customers a basket for their shopping, and this set has one of those too!

Buy now for £6.75

Aristocakes Set of 4 Cupcake Cases

Baking not quite up to scratch? Keep calm...with the help of Aristocakes you'll soon have cupcakes fit for a queen! Common cakes will be a thing of the past, and from here on forth you'll be producing deleggtable goodies that look royally, royally impressive. In fact, looking that good, no one will even notice if they don't taste all that great!

You will receive four jewel-coloured crowns, made from silicone.

Buy now for £10.50

Pollen Enriched Oxfordshire Honey

Made by beekeepers in Oxfordshire, this honey is enriched with pollen, making it great for hayfever sufferers. A spoonful every morning will not only make your day taste sweeter, but it should help to reduce the effect of hayfever. The pollen is also full of protein meaning it is even better for you!

Honey on toast is delicious but why not try adding a spoonful to porridge, hot drinks or as an alternative to sugar in your baking.

Buy now for £4.15

Squirrel and Acorn Magnet Set

Always losing important lists, letters and leaflets? You need to live life like a squirrel! Now, hold on, before you go running up that tree in your garden and change to a diet of acorns and nuts, we just mean you you should try to be a bit more organised... Squirrels always know where to find their acorns, wherever they've buried them, and with this set you can take a leaf out of their book.

Use these little acorn magnets to pin up your paperwork and never lose your letters (or your marbles) again!

Buy now for £7.95

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