Budgies in the Home

Given sufficient space in a suitable corner of your home, budgies will settle in very quickly. As with any new residence, however, there are neighbours to consider. Other pets may take an interest in the bird, and not all of them will have innocent intentions. The same applies to any small children who may be interacting with your birds.

The most important rule, no matter which animal is outside the cage, is to make sure the budgie is secure. The cage needs to be out of reach (ideally; although any self-respecting cat knows that nothing’s really out of reach!), and safe from dexterous fingers and paws. Hiding the cage from other pets isn’t a great idea, as they’ll be aware of the animal through their keen senses of smell and hearing, and will make it their mission to seek out the mystery creature at the first opportunity.

boy taming a budgie
Once he trusts you, your budgie will become tame very quickly

Budgies Home Alone

If you don’t replenish your budgie’s food and water supply for a day, he won’t keel over and die. Similarly, a budgie left in an empty house for 24 hours will survive. Indeed, you would be very unlucky to meet any problems in 48 hours home alone time.

Leaving him for more than a day is still pushing it, though, and you shouldn’t take the risk. The main issues are food and water. A single budgie or a pair might get by on dried food for 48 hours, but it will depend on your cage set-up. A seed hopper replenishes as the birds feed; but it might become blocked due to a damp patch. Water might become contaminated with droppings. If you keep several birds in an aviary or large cage, do you actually know how much they eat? You will have been putting fresh food out every day, but won’t necessarily know if the bowls and feeding stations can last 48 hours if unreplenished.

There are other reasons why indoor birds should not be left alone. For example, you might cover them at night, or at the very least they might rely on the opening and drawing of curtains to define their day. And a single budgie will pine for interaction after just a few hours, as budgies crave company.

Budgie Holiday Care

If you’re away for more than a single day, you’ll need to get someone to feed the birds. This could be a family member, friend or neighbour who calls in to change the birds’ food and water, or it could be someone willing to take in the bird for the duration of your holiday.

If it’s a single budgie, you should send him on holiday to someone else’s house, otherwise he’ll get too lonely in your deserted home. The environment you intend moving him to for this period will need checking out for the usual pitfalls of location, pets, children, etc.

There are also small animal boarding houses that specialise in birds – you’ll need to check your local phone or business directory to find out where they are.

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Brody, 12 September 2019

i want to get a parakeet. i go to school from 8:30am to 4:30pm. do i get one or two parakeets?

David, 31 August 2019

i bought abudgie 4weeks ago, he is very happy. he only about 4 months old. feathers look good is it common for him to like TV. I feed him millet, bird seed, fresh water and iceberg lettuce. am idoing the rights things.

Simran, 3 July 2019

Hey it’s been 24hours since my budgie escaped and there has been no sign of him

Martin, 5 June 2019

My niece a vet nurse brought my little man to me looking for a home .beutifull little budgie.hope I can keep him occupied learning sum tricks

Loretta, 30 May 2019

hi, I live in australia. I have my budugies cage in the lounge room. It is autumn now and its cold at night. I do have the fan heater on till I go to bed. I put a thin rug over the cage at night. Is it warm enough for the budgie. Thanks

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