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Budgie Feeding Dishes and Bowls

Some breeders put all their budgie food on the cage or aviary floor, including the feeding dishes and bowls. Budgerigars are very happy with this arrangement – it’s how they do most of their feeding in the wild (without the dishes and bowls, of course). A feeder secured to the side of the cage is also fine – the budgie will perch and eat, and will not pine at all if you never offer food at ground level.

Budgie Food Dish

There are many different designs of feeder available. The most important rule is to choose one with a large surface area – budgies are very good at eating all the seeds they can see, but are not clever enough to realise that there is more food beneath the seed husks. A centrally-placed hopper is a good option. Make sure you position it where it can easily be removed from and returned to the cage. It should never be beneath perches, as your budgies will unwittingly use it as a toilet.

Budgie feeding from a tray
In an aviary, large food trays make sense

Budgie Seed Feeders

A custom-made feeding dish is the best bet for seeds. It will be secure (i.e. can’t be tipped up or dislodged by perching birds), easy to clean and easy to get in and out of the cage. In setups where space is an issue, you can buy feeder-protectors that clip onto the side of the cage beneath the perch. These will quickly accumulate droppings, and should be cleaned every day.

Budgie Seed Hoppers

Many feeders are variations on an attachable bowl. A seed hopper is a popular alternative, providing a simple way of accommodating more than one bird comfortably at the same feeding station. Hoppers are the best way of supplying pellet food, if that’s the dietary route you’re following (see our cynical note on budgie pellets below). With seeds, you’ll need to make sure your birds have constant access to the fresh stuff, rather than a layer of husks that have fallen back into the pecking section of the hopper.

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Katherine, 10 December 2019

The feeding dishes in the cages have an inner bit to them. Another half a plastic part that goes inside the normal part. Call me stupid if you want but I can't work out why this is so.

Christine, 22 September 2019

I love budgies and have been involved with them all my life. We had one for 12 1/2 years which died in my hand. He lived all his life with only one kidney. Then when my husband died, I got one which was my little saviour. I had him for 5 years and was devastated when he died. He had some sort of virus and was on antibiotics for some months. He also died in my hand and I was distraught. He was an excellent talker , and I immediately got another one 2 days later. I didn't think I could love him like I loved Mickie, but I was wrong. He looks like Mickie, but he is so comical, and he is an even better talker . My only problem is, that he seems to eat a lot. He eats seed and I give him carrot ,parsley, and different fruit . Should I worry about him eating a lot. He sometimes seems to take a long time to digest it. Your comments please.

Kayla, 3 September 2019

I gave a parakeet that keep chewing on the bowl what can I do or give him to help him stop or is it natural?

Prajakta, 25 June 2019

I just got 2 budgies recently, a male and a female. The female is kind of the dominant one between the two I feel. Whenever my male budgie is eating/drinking , most of the time she comes and shoos him away to eat the food herself. Sometimes they do share and eat together but that not very often. Should I keep separate food and water dishes for them?

Cecilia, 6 April 2019

This is a question rather than a comment. I have an 8 month old male budgie (I lost my 12 year old one in January). The new budgie is cute and is trusting me as I can rub his belly, kiss him etc. My query is he doesn't seem to want his millet, have left in the cage for 2-3 days without success. He seems to only eat his seed at night - I thought (and my old one did) that budgies were hungriest first thing in the morning. I am not too concerned as he does eat his seed during the day as well. Any ideas. Thank you.

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