This comprehensive guide is for all budgie fans, beginners and experts alike. It contains in-depth information on everything to do with these wonderful little birds, from choosing a budgie and setting up a cage, to keeping its occupants well-fed, healthy and happy. There’s also lots of background information on where budgies come from, and the many different varieties alive and twittering today.

budgies are highly popular pets
Everything you need to know about the magnificent budgerigar!

The guide is arranged in short, easy-to-search subsections, so you can dip in and out with ease. If you’re looking for information but can’t find it here, or if you have any other feedback, suggestions or comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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Addison, 20 July 2019

Hello i got 2 Budgies from Pet Smart today how can you tell if they are Sleeping i need help to earn there Trust. Please help me so i can be a Better Trainer fro my Budgies.

Katie, 14 July 2019

hi i'm katie we have 2 budgerigars their names are lime and snowcone. and i have a question if there are purple dots on the cere of a budgie/parakeet what does it signify or what does it mean?

Tamara, 3 June 2019

Hi I bought an 8 week old budgie at the back end of December last year and I have a few questions about it. First of all I’m unsure of the Sex of my budgie, there beak isn’t blue or pink? Also, my bird doesn’t fly I have tried multiple training techniques that I have found on the internet, could anyone help? Thanks in advance

Susan, 26 May 2019

Have just rescued pair roller canaries and a budgie. Never kept caged birds and these three now fly free in my flat. At dusk they return to their cage for the night and then fly free again at dawn. The canaries are now nesting and female is sitting four eggs. I think this is fantastic. I'm considering creating indoor aviary as i do not have garden. Has to be big enough to allow them freedom of flight. Saw your web site, liked it.

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