Budgie Toys

Like humans, budgies love their toys. A selection of swings, bells, balls and homemade playthings will fill your pet’s life with fun, mental stimulation, and endless excuses for exercise. A budgie deprived of toys will be a sad bird indeed, suffering both physically and mentally.

Budgies love a cage well stocked with toys

Budgies like to climb, jump, swing and flap, and to probe their environment with beak and feet. Anything non-toxic that they can chew on will entertain them for hours. This could be a seed bell or novelty cage attachment from a pet shop, or a simple ping-pong ball or homemade toy.

Keep two or three toys in the cage at any given time (in addition to the permanent fixtures such as a swing and a bell). Swap them every couple of days. Don’t be tempted to throw all the toys in there at once and clutter up the cage bottom. Don’t impede the budgie’s flying space, either. This is especially important if you have a small cage, where the bird’s flightpath options are already limited.

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Sheila, 20 April 2019

My very clever, talking budgie plays all day on the floor - I don't mean the floor of his cage - I mean my carpet. Do you have any toys that will just stand on the floor? He has normal toys such as balls, toilet rolls, a drum, jigsaw and wheels to name but a few but I would like more variety for him. I get sick of playing football with him.

Charles, 11 March 2019

Hi I was hoping you could give me some advice on a Budgie that was given to me. Is it cruel to keep them in a cage without ever letting them out to exercise their wings and body? Thanks Charles

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