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Tabitha, 18 April 2021

I've had an igloo for about 6 years now, it has some bite marks and scratches on it but has left the local fox population frustrated that the can't get get to my ladies. Highly recommended it also easy to keep clean and pesr free.

Steve, 6 December 2019

Any advice about rats? I seem t have developed a rat problem at my allotment where I keep the chickens. They keep burrowing under the grill. Is there any kind of barrier I can put on the floor of the run to stop this happening that won't bother the chickens? I know they like to scratch the earth?

Becky, 8 January 2017

We have a traditional wooden coop and an eglu. Wednesday a fox forced it's way into the wooden coop via the nesting box. We lost 7 of our girls. Only 1 survived . We believe she was in the eglu. The foxes have tried to get into the eglu in the past - we've seen the paw prints but because of how high its is off the ground and how strong it is they can't . Get an eglu if your thinking of getting hens or upgrading your housIng. It will keep your girls safe.

Kate, 2 June 2013

Recently had another example of how tough the Eglu is. Sustained attempt by fox to get hens the other night. Coop & run cover one mass of fox footprints. coop well-scratched & run cover bitten through (lots of teeth marks in the rest of it) and 2 bungee cords completely bitten through & lying on the ground. Just need new run cover & bungee cords but the Eglu stood up to this attack & the hens were safe (if somewhat traumatised ... )

Nicki, 17 November 2011

The Eglu is definitely the way to go to protect your feathery friends! We have 4 hens and plenty more visiting foxes - the fox cannot get at the hens (not through lack of trying!) due to the fantastic design of the eglu and run. Highly recommended!!

Jennifer, 4 August 2011

If you want to extend your run beyond the Eglu one, I thoroughly recommend buying electric fencing as losing hens via a fox is so distressing and expensive when badly mauled and having to be put down by the vet. So it's worth that extra expense even if your on a limited income just to keep your 'little joys' safe!