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Comments for Cleaning Budgies

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Ian, 22 March 2020

Hi. My budgie has been doing large, quite firm poos, and now has poo stuck to the feathers around his vent. He seems to have trouble defecating, especially in the morning. I think he is about 7 years old. Still active and eating well.

Lynn, 24 February 2020

Hi. My budgie is 10 and getting a large gathering of poo building up. It was hard snd dry which I managed to crumble. But now wet and hard to fully clean. Is this an age thing. Also what can I expect at the end. A quick death or one which ends at the vets. Thank you.

Deanna, 21 December 2019

Can you tell me why a parakeet tale at his end (closet to the floor) would start curling up n does not look very good

Lee, 7 October 2019

cleaning with a water spray sprayed just above the bird in a fine mist he will get better to a degree a trip to the vet is a must if it was anything other than a cut or spot hes a goner sadly im spraying clean my bird daily so the blood washes off he got better and recovered

Larry, 25 July 2019

Very good answers for questions. Always use it.

Brenda, 21 July 2019

My female budgie is 2 years old she has had many eggs before. I just noticed today that her bottom is not where it's supposed to be its hanging out what can I do for her please help. She is also disabled she can not fly because of her left wing and leg are at a weird angle

Beth, 6 July 2019

My budgie has a cut on his back from a incident a couple of weeks ago and keeps itching it as the scab is coming through. By him itching it, it is making it more sore. How can I make him stop itching it, so that it can get better? Thank you, Beth

Barbara, 7 June 2019

My male 4 year old parakeet has started rubbing his bottom on the table when he is looking at himself in my phone. Is this a normal behavior? Otherwise he is a healthy fun bird.

Carmen, 26 April 2019

Thankyou helped so much !

Astrida, 16 February 2019

Thank you so very much for your informative and well written guide to budgie care. I refer to it often.

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