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Roxanne, 24 May 2020

I live in Jacksonville beach Florida near 19th street. My sister lost her yellow and white cockatiel named Oliver. 500$ reward if you find him. call 904-945-8502. pray for us.

John, 10 April 2020

My African grey parrot Barney was in my back room upstairs on the door. I opened the front door to get a parcel and he came flying down the stairs and right out the door. I am totally blind and this is the first time he has flown out the door. He flew to a fence on the other side of the road at the opposite end of a childrens play park. A neighbour came out and got him for me. I was never so delighted and relieved in my life. My African grey is 27 years old and has free reign in my home. At the moment he is quiet but otherwise alright. Thanks to my neighbour and I hope everyone finds their little friend. I will take even more care it never happens again. He like any pet is more than precious.

Waleed, 10 March 2020

African Grey named Flower missing. Male bird. Near Silver Spring, Maryland. Call 443 360 7640

Cheryl, 14 June 2019

Today at 12.05 my boy flew away...I went out calling him then posted a status on facebook and various lost pet sites..Then at 14.27 I received several messages through FB advising me where he was in someones garden dancing on a washing line...It was my boy! Never been so relieved in my life! Home safe and sound none the worse for wear after his little adventure..which is more than can be said for me! I'm so thankful for the help I received through FB!

Gail, 2 June 2019

Lost my very loved African Grey Sunday 5/26 from Seekonk Massachusetts. Desperate to find her. Her name is "Flower" I have a $500 reward for safe return. 774-991-0475

Sana, 26 May 2019

I live in lowell Massachusetts my cockatiel flew away and couldn’t fly back it flew so high that it couldn’t come down. Plz pray she comes back

Halima, 14 April 2019

My green cheek conure escaped on the 14th of April around 2-4 pm . He is only 9 months old. He likes peanuts and isn't hand tamed yet. Please try and help to find him. I love him and want him back sooooo much.Thank you!

Nipun, 28 December 2018

My parrot escaped 3 days ago, on Dec 25th around 11 am. He is probably 6 months old and only eats biscuits with milk. His nature is very aggressive. The bad is that I was relocating my house that day to 4 km away and this incident happens in the middle of moving things to cargo. I waited for him to return till night. I placed his cage open with his meal in it the same place where he escaped. I tried to call him during midnight and next morning. Next day I waited till 12 to 1 PM. But due to typical circumstances, I'd to shift my house totally. That area is trees abundant. The worst thing is that it is winter season here and very cold out there. I don't know about his whereabouts. I want him back vigorously. Please guide me. Thank you!