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Pros and Cons of Older Dogs

It’s a fantastic feeling when you adopt a rescue dog in the knowledge that you could be saving it's life. You can take them home, give them all the love they have been missing out on and soon they will adore you.

A beautiful old dog chilling on the beach
A beautiful old dog chilling on the beach

Older dogs (usually rescue dogs) can be a great choice for older owners with their calmer and more docile nature. They can also adapt well to a family setting especially with children, but make sure that you introduce your children to the dog before you buy it to make sure that it is child friendly. Older dogs typically require a lot less time and patience and are less likely to get under your feet. They can sometimes need a little longer to settle into their new home, especially if the dog was mistreated by it’s previous owners.

An adult Stafordshire Bull Terrier stood with her puppy
An adult Stafordshire Bull Terrier stood with her puppy

Can You Train An Older Dog?

Yes, it’s a myth that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. Older dogs are perfectly capable of learning and may even be more willing. If you are having difficulty toilet training an adult dog, first of all make sure that it hasn't got any medical problems. A change in diet may also be the cause, so be prepared to take your dog outside more regularly. To help you train your dog we have put together a useful section on training your dog.

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