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Hamster Treats

Just like us, your hamster will enjoy a little treat from time to time. Hamster treats can involve shop-bought delicacies, but many hamsters also really enjoy a piece of their favourite fruit or vegetables.

There are a wide variety of hamster treats available in pet shops, so if you’re on the hunt for some tasty morsels for your pet then you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. Just as with humans, it’s a good idea to exercise a bit of moderation when supplying your pet with treats. Just as we humans shouldn’t have too many, neither should hamsters. Treats should be occasional, rather than a regular or staple part of your pet’s diet.

hamsters love treats
Hamsters are very fond of treats

Many owners have made the mistake of giving hamsters ‘treats’ made out of human food. Although hamsters enjoy many of the same fresh fruits and vegetables as we do, their bodies aren’t used to everything that we are able to ingest, and some foods that are delicious and safe for us have quite different effects on our pets. For example, sweets and chocolates should never be fed to any hamster. Although they’ll probably seize it like they do any other food, these foodstuffs can cause serious problems with your hamster’s cheek pouches and digestive system. It is for these reasons that it’s much safer to stick to hamster-safe fruits and vegetables, and treats made specifically for them, such as hamster chews and sticks.

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