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What Do Hamsters Eat?

Hamsters eat a wide variety of foods, but in general they will need three things; dry food, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a small amount of protein.

Modern dry food is specially formulated to contain most of the key vitamins and minerals your hamster needs to stay fit and healthy. There are a wide variety of mixes to choose from, many of which you can buy at your local pet shop or on our Hamster Shop on the Omlet website.

hamsters like different foods

Fresh food, consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, is a very welcome addition to your pet’s diet. Hamsters can eat leafy greens such as dandelions and clover, but also tasty fruits and vegetables such as pears, carrots and cabbage. For a more complete list of hamster foods, have a look at our Hamster Food List.

Occasionally, you might want to supplement your pet’s diet with a little bit of protein. A small amount of boiled egg will suffice. Hamsters are small animals and their stomachs are even smaller, so only a tiny bit is needed!

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Hamster eating treat off of hand


Sarah, 25 March 2022

Yes, hamsters can eat cheese! They are one of the very few types of animals that can actually process dairy products, so as long as it's kept at a very minimal amount, and only once or twice a week, your little hammy should be just fine. Only give them 100% real, unprocessed cheeses tho, those kraft singles and all that stuff, just isn't good for anyone, especially little hamsters that have very sensative digestive systems!! That goes for any kind of foods! No fake, processed stuff!! Only real, organic(preferred) , unprocessed foods should be given to your hamster! Remember, they have to eat healthy too!

Morehappawness, 19 January 2022

My hamster loves to eat cheese. Are they safe for them?

Marina_Hale, 24 October 2021

Francine, Hamsters cannot eat peanut butter, As it will get stuck in their cheek pouches.

Kaori, 29 September 2021

If your thinking of owning a hamster, it’s best to prep before you get it. I suggest they have a wide variety of tips to owning a hamster.

Francine, 10 April 2021

My hamster adores Pears, apples, cauliflower, carrot and lettuce., and occasionally peanut butter, Im I giving him something wrong?