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What Do Hamsters Eat In The Wild?

In general, hamsters in the wild would survive primarily on a diet of seeds and other plant matter. Hamsters are omnivorous, which means they eat both vegetable and animal materials. It’s not uncommon for hamsters in the wild to be seen eating insects, and for hamsters in captivity to enjoy foodstuffs such as pieces of boiled egg.

hamster wild
Wild hamsters can enjoy a varied diet

Most hamster species aren’t kept as pets - there are more than twenty species of hamster alive today and living all across the world, in places such as China and Russia, and throughout areas of Europe. Depending on their environment, different hamster species will survive on different diets.

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Nncyorlowski, 19 February 2022

i have a hamster my 17 year olddaughter and i were given it by rhonda our property manager we adore her is putting hamstersin a hamster ball to roll aroundin is it safe as someone told us athat they get stressedout is it true/

Kelsey, 16 May 2020

love it

Evie, 2 January 2020

My hamster love me and his cage and l clean him out 2 a week x