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How To Check My Hamster's Gender

Checking your hamster’s gender is easy if you know what you are looking for. Once hamsters are sexually mature at about seven or eight weeks, then you should be able to tell if your pet is male or female. Follow the steps below to identify which your pet is.

  1. Prepare a space to check your hamster

    Hamsters do not like being turned over, and may wriggle free from your hands as you attempt to do so. We suggest sitting on the floor as you examine your hamster, preferably keeping your pet only one or two centimeters above the floor.

    keep your pet close
    Hamsters can easily squirm out of your grasp, so be as careful as you can!

  2. Examine your hamster’s rear

    Male hamsters often have quite prominent testicles, which means that their rear end is more pointed than a female's. Female hamsters tend to have rounded rear ends, whereas males' tend to taper more.

  3. Look at your hamster’s stomach

    If your hamster has obvious nipples on its stomach, then it’s female. The nipples will be in pairs, and you should be able to see six pairs: twelve nipples in total.

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