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Hamster Healthy Teeth

Hamsters’ teeth are usually very firm and healthy, but occasionally they can develop problems.

Healthy hamster teeth will be of even lengths, and quite yellow. Don’t be alarmed if this hue makes them look a little grubby. As hamsters grow up, it’s entirely natural that their teeth will be a little darker than when they were very young.

healthy hamster teeth
Hamster's teeth are very important to their health

Each tooth in each of the two sets of teeth (top and bottom) should be of roughly equal length to the one next to it. The bottom two teeth will be slightly longer than the top two teeth. If one tooth is a lot shorter than the one next to it, then that tooth may have broken. Although it will grow back eventually, it may be causing your pet pain, or be preventing your pet from eating properly.

Another thing to watch out for is whether or not your hamster’s teeth are overgrown. Instead of trying to identify overgrown teeth by looking at the teeth themselves, it’s a good idea to take cues from the hamster’s body and behaviour. Do they have any blood around their mouths, or little nicks on their body that could be explained by tooth marks? Most importantly, is your hamster unable to eat properly? If the answer is yes to these questions, then we advise that you take your hamster to the vet to get their teeth checked and possibly treated.

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Selina, 21 December 2019

How do I prevent my hamsters teeth becoming too short?