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Hamster Not Eating And Drinking

If your hamster is not eating or drinking, then we urge you to take your pet to the vet as soon as possible. A lack of eating or drinking can be fatal extremely quickly - these symptoms are usually indicative of a serious health problem, but no matter how severe the problem, the fact that your pet is not taking on any nutrients or fluids will prove fatal very quickly. Just like us, hamsters will die if they do not drink and eat for a few days.

eating and drinking
Hamsters that aren't eating and drinking probably veterinary attention - watch to see if your pet is taking on any solids or liquids

If your hamster is not eating or drinking, are you sure that it has access to food and water? Is a cage mate preventing access? Is your pet having trouble moving? Is your water dispenser functioning correctly? Is your hamster’s food mouldy or out-of-date? If you’re sure that the problem is not with the cage, then the problem is with the hamster, and the problem likely requires veterinary attention.

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Ruby, 10 July 2023

My hamster is 3 yrs old she rarely wants to eat and drink we tried give her food and water upfront she would only eat abit and wouldn’t eat again what is wrong with my hamster

Gracie, 27 March 2022

My hamster will not eat I got him a week ago and she plays a lot but will not eat or drink.

Chloe, 10 June 2021

My hamster has a crusty scent gland and I don't know if o should take him to the vet or not.

An Omleteer, 3 September 2019

My hamster is eating little food that I give him. I just recently re-arranged his platforms in his cage and he started eating. He ate a little more before that, but still not as much as he used to. I went camping for a few days and loaded his cage with food and I came back to see about the same amount left.

Sarah, 8 April 2019

My hamster is not eating and drinking very little I just got him a couple of days ago but even that he is still acting fine other than I haven’t seen him get up to play at night. I just want him to be okay