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Hamster Toys

There are lots of different hamster toys to choose from, whether you want something that will allow your pet to wander around your house, something that you can use to play with your pet, or a something that will allow your pet to entertain itself when you’re not there. We’ve created some lists of suggestions on our Hamster Accessories and Hamster Toy Ideas pages, and we stock a variety here at our Hamster Toy Shop.

Make sure your hamster has plenty of toys to play with

Hamster toys are relatively inexpensive, but they can really enrich your pet’s life. To choose one that will provide the most benefit for your pet, think about what species of hamster you have and what they may be missing. Do they need an area to climb on? Have they got any tunnels? Have they got something to chew?

Different species may prefer different toys (Dwarf varieties love to climb), but also the size of your hamster can affect their toy requirements. For example, Syrian hamsters may need a larger toy than their smaller Roborovski counterparts - this is certainly the case with exercise wheels. Before you purchase a toy, it’s good to make sure that it’s built for your specific species of hamster. You don’t want your pet getting stuck in anything that’s not the right size or shape!

Although not a toy, as we mentioned above, the size of exercise wheel that you purchase should depend on how big your hamster is. For example, larger species such as the Syrian hamster will need a much bigger wheel than other species (about 20cm in diameter). If the wheel is too small, then they will be unable to use it, and so they are much less likely to get all the exercise that they need.

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