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Hamster Tubes

Hamsters love tunnelling. In the wild, a lot of hamsters live in their own underground tunnels in order to escape the hot weather or any predators that could be out looking for them. Your own hamster will burrow into the bedding you provide them, but they’ll also really enjoy tunnels, play logs or chew tubes. Offering tubes, play logs or burrowing towers is vital if you don't have enough bedding on the floor of your cage for your hamster to burrow into. Enabling nesting and burrowing is key to ensuring your hamster feels relaxed in its cage.

Racing in and out of tubes or nesting in them will give your pet hours of entertainment

We stock a hamster chew tube in our Hamster Shop, but you can also find a number of good options in your local pet shop. You can purchase stiff tubes, bendy tubes or wooden tubes, but remember to make sure that the material is safe for hamsters. Hamsters will eat anything and everything, and sometimes they’ll gnaw on things that really aren’t good for them! Make sure your toy is hamster-friendly before purchasing.

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