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Hamster Is Biting

Hamsters can bite when they’re scared, when they're stressed, or when they're confused. Sometimes a hamster will bite its owner and it will lead to a lot of fear and frustration on your part, but this needn’t be the case - if your hamster bites you, then there’s almost certainly a reason for it. Your hamster could be frightened, in pain, or simply uncertain how to react to you.

hamsters bite when scared
Hamsters are prone to biting when they're frightened - it's their only real defense

Knowing a little bit about hamster psychology will help you understand why your hamster has bitten you, and will also help you take steps to minimise the chance that this happens again. We’ve created a page that helps you understand a little more about what your hamster is thinking and feeling, and we hope it helps you improve your relationship with your pet.

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Hoĺly, 31 July 2020

This is useful as I'm looking for a hamster