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What is the difference between the Eglu Go and the Eglu Classic

Do I Want a Go or a Classic (Or Both)?

The Eglu Go which we launched in September 2009 is the new version of the Eglu Classic MK 2 which was launched in 2005.

The Classic and the Eglu Go are made of the same secure weld mesh, are the same size and are both easy to clean.

With the Eglu Go:

  • Possibility of changing this into the Eglu Go Up;
  • Lighter Rear Panel which gives access to the inside;
  • Droppings tray, roosting bars and nest box all slide out.

  • With the Eglu Classic:

  • You can open the side eggport door and collect your eggs.
  • It is the only chicken house in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum because of it's cool design!
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