Rabbit Hutch Lining

Sometimes, despite adding a lot of fresh hay, you may be a little worried about your rabbits on cold autumn nights. If you are concerned about your rabbits’ safety, and you really think that it is too cold, then you should bring them inside. However, if you think that they are just in need of a little extra something, then a rabbit hutch liner or rabbit hutch jacket is a good option. Depending on the hutch you own, this may take the form of a simple bit of carpet on top of the wooden hutch, or it may take the form of a specially designed liner that will give your pets more insulation.

You can further insulate your Eglu Go with liners

We sell a variety of both liners and jackets on our Rabbit Shop. Both will give your pets an added bit of insulation in cold weather. We sell a wide variety for in the Eglu Weather Protection section of our website.

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