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Beehaus - Queen Excluder

by Omlet (3 reviews)

The queen is the most important bee of them all, laying eggs to expand the colony, but when it comes to collecting honey she can bee a bit of a nuisance. Although the supers are just for storing honey good old queenie doesn't know this and will sometimes lay eggs in them which makes harvesting the honey difficult. You can prevent her from getting into the supers with a Queen Excluder. This is placed directly on top of the brood frames and has holes big enough for the workers to get through but too small for the queen, preventing her from climbing up.

The beehaus comes with four queen excluders, one for each super, but you may want to invest in some spares.


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Width: 22 cm

Length: 43 cm

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Fine product - Stephenstaines,

Used in top bar hive queen rearing system. I cut them up and inserted them into follower boards, cheapest option for what I wanted to achieve.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2014

Perfect - John,

Will work nicely in my non-beehaus hive for my cunning plan for a Queen Includer! ;-)

Verified Purchase: Apr 2010

Does not fit original beehaus well - John,

I ordered replacement excluders as the originals did not sit well against the internal corners. The new ones have had their orientation changed and I cannot fit them flat, and side by side on the top of the brood frames, one has to sit over the edge of the other creating a slight gap which the bees will fill with propolis.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2010

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