When you're lucky enough to get your first batch of home made honey you need to give it some special treatment. Putting your honey through a strainer will filter out all the little bits you don't want to spread on your toast, leaving you with pure, smooth honey that tastes delicious.

Made from fine cloth (350 micron) this conical strainer is very popular for filtering honey. It fits any size pail from 32cm to 90cm and it can also be used on smaller pails but it won't stand as firm. It has a string that can be pulled out if the strainer gets clogged up which will get the honey moving again.

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top notch product - Shane,

strong and sturdy , great value for the money

Perfect - Bryden,

This is a great find, removes the finer particles of wax while leaving in all the good stuff improving the quality of my honey. Best price on the net.

An excellent product! - Anne,

We have a couple of hives and this strainer has enabled us to easily and effectively extract the honey. The strainer is fine enough to get rid of bits of wax and odd bee body parts - previously I had used ordinary kitchen sieves which resulted in a lot more rustic product!