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Apiguard 10 x 50g

by Apiguard

Apiguard is an effective treatment of varroa, chalkbrood and the tracheal mite. It is a slow release gel containing thymol, a natural substance derived from thyme, which is highly effective against varroa and completely harmless to bees, man and the environment.

Apiguard is easy to apply and safe to handle. Just peel back the lid and place the tray gel side up on top of the brood frames, leaving enough space for the bees to get into the tray – this can be done by placing an empty super on top of the brood chamber. Close the hive and after two weeks repeat with a second tray and leave for 2-4 weeks.

It is best to apply the Apiguard during the evening, when the temperature is lower and the bees are in the hive. It should be applied in Summer or Autumn, outside the period of honeyflow. It can be used in Spring if needed but it is most effective when the outside temperature is above 15c.

This box contains 10 x 50g trays. This is enough for five hive treatments.

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Complete satisfaction - Jeff,

Quick service, good packaging and fair pricing.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2017

Effective - Len,

Apiguard is very easy and effective in use; the abilty to purchase larger quantities through Omlet at a more reasonable price was very welcome.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2011

Convenient and easy to apply - Sandy,

Easy to use trays of Apiguard in single dose form make applications very straightforward.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2014

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