Raising the Geo Bird Cage to your ideal height is easy and elegant with the Geo Bird Cage Stand. The Low Height stand measures 38cm which raises the overall height of your Geo Bird Cage to 90cm.

Crafted from solid bamboo, the stand perfectly matches the style of the Geo Bird Cage. It simply screws into the base of the bird cage for an easy and secure attachment.

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 1.860 kg

Height: 6 cm

Width: 21 cm

Length: 54 cm

Latest Product Reviews For Geo Bird Cage Stand - Low Height

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Lovely cage, lovely company, lovely staff - Gemma,

I have to say the Geo cage is very impressive, it really looks amazing. It takes a while to set up but if I'm honest it was actually fun, me an my son did it together and had a great time. I found the staff member I spoke to at Omlet a pleasure to communicate with, she was helpful, empathetic (I'd just lost a budgie) and friendly. My all in all experience of dealing with Omlet has been eggcelent!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 This reviewer has 10+ Budgie pets

Transformation ! - Linda, SOUTH YORKSHIRE,

I bought an omlet for my new friend with a high stand . He has been transformed . He has come to life . Loves his cage so much . Thank you omlet

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 This reviewer has 1 Budgerigar pets

Excellent cage - Jackie,

I’ve had budgies for years and always kept them in quite a large cage as I think some cages are cruel.. I only have one budgie now and he was showing signs of distress in his old cage. His cage was big but tall rather than wide. It was also difficult to clean and hard to move. I researched the Omlet cage and it seemed like and excellent option. Easy to clean, movable and I read some really good reviews. When I ordered it I then read some reviews on an avian site which said it was an awful cage and people shouldn’t buy it which made me quite worried. Comments about its size and shape etc. Well I need not if worried as my budgie absolutely loves his Omlet cage. He’s allowed out quite a lot as he’s in a secure room but chooses to spend a lot of time in the cage. I also worried he’d struggle getting in and out but he soon got used to it. Really can’t recommend it enough. Bit of a challenge to put together but so worth it. Mines on a stand. Looks gorgeous too but most importantly he’s back to his old happy self.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 This reviewer has 1 Budgie pets

Lovely roomy cage - Sandrea,

I bought this cage as it’s very modern and I wanted to get a baby budgie it is a lovely cage but my husband says it would be better if the connecting clips on the bottom were better explained as this part is the key to the rest of the build once he got this part done it was easy to do . I have my very happy budgie now who is getting used to the layout of his new home

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 This reviewer has 1 Budgie pets

Amazing modern cage - Happylee,

Beautiful cage, so modern, great size, cover is beautiful and I am so pleased with my product. Ordered Tuesday, delivered Wednesday. Amazing telephone service telling me what was in stock. Looking forward to more high quality purchases for my bird

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 This reviewer has 1 Budgie pets