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The Woven Wonders hanging toys are ideal for pet birds to play with, chew and shred. Designed to be destructible yet durable, Woven Wonders are handmade using natural, renewable and recyclable materials that your bird might encounter in the wild such as palm leaf, abaca and bamboo.

Birds love new colours and textures and are naturally inquisitive. They love to climb and swing but they also enjoy breaking and shredding things and the Woven Wonders toys are designed to appeal to all of these natural desires!

The toys are made from 100% pet safe materials and are free from both glues and plastics.

Woven Wonders Dream Catcher length approximately 35cm. Suitable for small birds including budgies. Also great for hanging from an Eglu run to add colour and interest to your chickens' environment.

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Weight: 0.050 kg

Height: 21 cm

Width: 13 cm

Length: 4 cm