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The exotic Morocco range is designed to bring a hint of Africa into your home! A stylish blend of faux suede and cotton candy stripes reflect the sandy beaches and colours of the Moroccan Kasbah to provide you with a cat product that can stylishly enrich your home environment.

The Morocco Cat Sleeping Bag offers cats a luxurious place to snuggle up and hide. Whether curled up on top or wrapped up inside the sleeping bag, the sumptuously soft faux suede provides unparalleled comfort and warmth for cats on the lookout for a snug hideaway.

Cats love to spend a lot of time sleeping which means having a comfortable place in which they feel safe, secure and can recognize as their own is vital to their happiness and wellbeing.

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Weight: 0.415 kg

Height: 38 cm

Width: 25 cm

Length: 13 cm