Igloo Snow Cat Litter is produced from 100% natural silica gel. Not only do the small grains absorb and dry faster than other litters, their fine nature means the litter does not stick to paws and get tracked around your home.

Each grain of Igloo Snow Cat Litter has microscopic pores, which absorb moisture in seconds while binding smells and bacteria. Once moisture has evaporated and the litter is dry all you have to do is remove the solid waste and the litter will be good to continue using for up to a month. The long lasting nature of Igloo Snow Litter can greatly reduce the amount of litter you use overall.

Igloo Snow Litter is ideal for use with any litter tray and is suitable for cats and other small animals.

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Weight: 1.500 kg

Height: 32 cm

Width: 20 cm

Length: 10 cm

Brand: Igloo Pet Products (20 Products)

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Very Good Product - Anthony,

I used this product not to put in my cats litter tray but as a moisture absorber in my car. A sock half filled with this product, closed off with an elastic band and placed on top of the dashboard does a fairly good job in keeping my inner windscreen clear of misting and moisture overnight. I am sure it would also be excellent for use by my cat as well.

Igloo cat litter - Tanya,

Excellent cat litter the best ever