Pack of 5 replacement tray liners for the Igloo 2-in-1 Cat Loo & Carrier.

Place your cat's litter into these specially moulded liners within the Igloo 2-in-1. When you need to change the litter simply remove the eco-friendly liner and dispose of it's contents. This ensures that the base of the Igloo remains clean throughout use.

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Weight: 0.960 kg

Brand: Igloo Pet Products (17 Products)

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- Jonathan, Cheshire,

Great litter trays for igloo! - Karen,

Glad these are now back in stock! Great, recycled litter trays for the Igloo litter tray!

Igloo litter trays - Karen,

Have been using this product for nearly 3 years, and think it's excellent. Protects the igloo litter tray and makes cleaning out quicker and easier. Have ordered twice now from omlet and both times service was excellent. The most reasonable price I've paid for them by far too.

Great product - Joanne,

I love this product as it really helps to keep the igloo litter tray clean and stops it getting scratched. Highly recommend if you use the igloo cat tray.

Igloo: Fab liners and litter tray - Sarah,

I use these liners with the corresponding Igloo cat litter tray. I find them very convenient when it comes to completely changing the litter and prefereable to polythene liners which the cat was getting her claws snagged in. They're a great fit as they are specifically for the Igloo cat litter tray. I tend to replace the liner every two weeks, but you could probably go longer, it depends upon the depth and effectiveness of the litter in the tray how long they'll go before getting saturated.