A special pump action spray that tastes horrible to birds, helping to prevent feather plucking.

Feather plucking can also be a sign of insect pests, so have a good look over your hens, especially around the vent at the base of their feathers.

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Weight: 0.140 kg

Height: 5 cm

Width: 5 cm

Length: 15 cm

Brand: Johnson's (12 Products)

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Excellent - Ann,

Excellent - this stopped the pecking problem straight away.

Good - Malcolm,

spray has helped - hens have stopped pecking each other

Very Poor product - Georgina,

Not effective at all

Not 100% effective - David,

Despite thorough application one hen especially is still tail-pecking from time to time. Maybe it's boredom when they're in the run, maybe it's just normal pecking order behaviour.

Cockerels passion could not be diminished! - Jim,

I am sure that the Johnsons Anti pek spray works on hens that peck others hens ...BUT we bought it because our Buff Bantam Cockerel insists on getting a beak full of head feathers from his particular favourite female every time they mate!!! We only tried applying the anti peck spray twice and it did not deter his passion one little bit!!!! You don't do a mini 'scrum' cap in the Omlet range do you?