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Barrier Anti-Pecking Spray - 400ml

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Anti-pecking spray is a natural, non-toxic spray that tastes horrible to birds to help deter feather pecking. If your hens are showing signs of feather pecking it is best to tackle the problem immediately before an outbreak occurs.

This spray includes a natural disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties to help protect sore areas against infection. It will help to deter pecking whilst soothing and calming sore areas.

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Barrier Anti-Pecking Spray - 400ml
Slow but sure
Elaine, Sir Gaerfyrddin,
My lovely Ivy lost her neck feathers over a few days though I didn't see who was pulling them out. I wasn't sure the spray was going to help to start with as Ivy was constantly preening it off, despite the promise that it tasted horrid, but a few weeks later with a spray every few days he feathers are growing back...but she looks quite cute without them!
Review for: Barrier Anti-Pecking Spray - 400ml
This reviewer has 1 All sorts pure and h pets
Anti pecking
Sadly the spray did not deter Brenda (now named Pecker from her mean attitude.) She went to a neighbour where she lives in her own company and is loving it.
Review for: Barrier Anti-Pecking Spray - 400ml
This reviewer has 2-4 White star pets
Don't bother
Bought this to stop the pecking, it didn't work, only thing that worked for me was to remove the bird that was pecking the others before they all started pecking each other.
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Waste of money!!
Did not work. Spraying on the chicken head was terrible, as this product is liquid and would run down to the poor bird eyes. Total waste of money.
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Does the job!
After becoming the proud owner of 6 ex-battery hens, I was often to be seen with anti-peck spray in hand. This product certainly does the job and I was able to intercept pecking with a quick spray of this. A very useful product to have around.
Review for: Barrier Anti-Pecking Spray - 400ml
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