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Pillow Wad Mini-Bale Barley Straw Large 2kg

by Pillow Wad

Barley straw is the softest of all types of straw and has lowest natural dust content. With its vibrant golden colour, Pillow Wad barley straw has the highest feed value and digestibility.

All straw is sourced from within 10 miles of Pillow Wad's farm. It is dust extracted and un-chopped making it better for small animals to burrow in.

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 2.060 kg

Height: 16 cm

Width: 32 cm

Length: 49 cm

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New bedding - Anne, Oxon,

First time I've bought for my girls they seem to be very happy with it. The 3 of them were all cwtched up in the next box the first cold night.

This reviewer has 2-4 Pekin bantams pets

My chickens love this straw! - Tiffani, Oxon,

My Speckled Sussex trio of chickens absolutely love their pillow wad straw. They insist on sleeping in it at night though they are now 18 weeks old as when I try to take it away from their roosting box in their Cube2 they protest and fuss until I put some back into the corner! Downstairs, they love a layer of it over their Auboise in their run as they scratch in it on a normal day and sit in it on a rainy day. I find it smells lovely, has really low dust generation, and is absorbent bedding. I am a fan! Thank you.

- Beverly, Oxon,

Good dust free straw

Quail love it - George, Oxon,

I put some in the nest boxes, they don't lay eggs in it, but lie down in it on a night, helps to keep them warn, no dust, bale is packed solid , will last me ages. Won't hesitste to buy again.

super soft and dust free - Lorna, Oxon,

Really couldn't wish for a softer or sweeter smelling straw, if I was smaller I'd get in the hutch with my rabbits.

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