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A 25 metre length of 110cm (3.6 feet) high chicken netting. It comes complete with 15 poles (8 more than most chicken fencing of this length, which means that it stays taught and upright with a pole every 1.7 metres). This fencing can be electrified using the Gemini Dual Input Energiser, but please note that this does not guarantee that it will be fox-proof

You can download instructions for your chicken netting here

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Weight: 8.000 kg

Height: 0 cm

Width: 0 cm

Length: 1 cm

Latest Product Reviews For Electrifiable Chicken Netting - 25 Metres With Extra Poles

Great Fencing - Joy,

Great product-great firm to deal with!!!

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

excellent item - Denise,

I don't know how I managed before without it, it's excellent !! well worth the money and so easy to move around.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2012

Excellent Product - Avril,

Very easy to put up and take down to move around. have not electrified the fence as its only to keep the chickens at one end of the garden so there is no need but the option is there should it be needed to keep foxes out. extra poles very useful and they're flexible so when one of the younger children fell against the fence the poles just flexed over then righted themselves without snapping. Very happy with this product.

Verified Purchase: May 2011

fencing - Day,

Bought this product as I already had some which I purchased second hand .I was so pleased with the ease in which it can be moved to fit any area and kept the chickens enclosed that I decided to get some more to add to it.Easy to put together and good quality.My chickens have had their wings clipped so they cannot fly over.I have not electrified it as no need as yet.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2012

We all love the fencing - Tina,

I now have two lots of this fencing. Most people probably won't need that much but now the girls are weeding and fertilizing the vegetable patch until we do the fall planting!! (We live in a hot climate so we have fall and spring crops not much in the summer) It is really easy to move, a little more challenging to set up the first time, just need patience to get all the bits in place but after that moving is pretty just a few minor adjustments. Their coop and run are in the fencing. I even just had their gate in the fencing and the back, where you clean out of it. I did have to build a barrier of hardware cloth so they couldn't escape over the coop. My girls have some of their flight feathers cut so they don't fly. you do sometimes have to put a brick along places where the ground elevation changes because where they are scratching they get so engrossed they just go under it if there is a gap.