A 25 metre length of 110cm (3.6 feet) high chicken netting. It comes complete with 15 poles (8 more than most chicken fencing of this length, which means that it stays taught and upright with a pole every 1.7 metres). This fencing can be electrified using the Gemini Dual Input Energiser, but please note that this does not guarantee that it will be fox-proof

You can download instructions for your chicken netting here

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 8.000 kg

Height: 0 cm

Width: 0 cm

Length: 1 cm

Latest Product Reviews For Electrifiable Chicken Netting - 25 Metres With Extra Poles

Great Fencing - Joy,

Great product-great firm to deal with!!!

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Great ...... But - Partridge,

I love this netting and my Chickens are very happy being able roam outside the coop. Very easy to move and assemble. But I have three Chihahuas and Mr Chops decided that if he launches himself hard enough he can get through the netting to be with the girls. So I have to watch him as I dont want him to strangle himself by accident. I would have liked a few more ground hooks to stabalise the netting as well. Otherwise a good product and would recommend.

Verified Purchase: May 2014

Good quality - King,

Good quality fencing, I would agree with other reviews, it does need poles closer together (so more of them) or some tent pegs recommended or sold with it as the chickens can definitely get underneath if used as it is currently sold.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2016

excellent item - Denise,

I don't know how I managed before without it, it's excellent !! well worth the money and so easy to move around.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2012

Electric fencing - Rose,

It works better with poles only a metre apart. It looks nice but our hens are working out how to get out and in some places we have had to use tent pegs to secure it to the ground. One of our hens jumps on to the top of the eglu and is planning on flying over when she has plucked up courage. but it is easy to move around so overall a good product withslight reservations.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2012