A 50 metre length of 110cm (3.6 feet) high chicken netting. It comes complete with 29 poles (14 more than most chicken fencing of this length, which means that it stays taught and upright with a pole every 1.7 metres). This fencing can be electrified using the Gemini Dual Input Energiser, but please note that this does not guarantee that it will be fox-proof

You can download instructions for your chicken netting here

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 8.000 kg

Height: 0 cm

Width: 0 cm

Length: 1 cm

Latest Product Reviews For Electrifiable Chicken Netting - 50 Metres with Extra Poles

chicken netting + poles. -

An easily erected, light-weight and moveable addtion to the chicken-in-the-garden situtation. Netting can be easily cut to fit anywhere, and the poles are easy to position. It has worked perfectly with my four hens, enabling me to rescue an area of lawn which they had previously raked up, making it out of bounds while the grass re-grows. It looks good and is unobtrustive in a domestic setting. A well thought-out and designed item. Bought it on the reccomendation of a friend - and she was right!

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019

Brilliant Eglu Cube -

Took about 2hours to put together... by straight forward to assemble. I've had the eglu cube for three weeks now. Brilliant design so easy to maintain, my girls are so very happy and so am I.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2012

Very pleased -

Extra poles were excellent and necessary when electrifying. Should however had some way included to secure closed at entrance. I use cable ties, which are nylon, i.e insulated, which have a release and can be readily opened and closed.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2011

A bit like the Curates Egg... -

...In that it's good in parts. It's easy to put up, once you've untangled it. It's easy to add the extra poles, although you WILL need them all, to prevent sagging. It's only through experience that you learn to weave the poles in and out of the netting and to ensure that the poles end up on the outside...this allows you to place the bottom of the netting inwards. The chickens will still find a way underneath, so you should use the pegs, of which there are not enough. Finally, all text relating to this product should state "Unsuitable for Bantams", who are able to walk through the netting with no difficulty whatsoever. We lost two of ours, not realising just how small they actually were, beneath those feathers.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2012

Very Good -

I have two lots of this netting which I use to separate two flocks of chickens and to protect my fruit and veg beds. It is a two person job to set up initally though I have set it up on the lawn myself. The chickens can get their heads through at the bottom so you need distance from your plants to protect them. It is durable and flexible and very mobile.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020