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Nettex Ground Sanitising Powder 500g

by Nettex

Ground sanitising powder is an easy to use product that will help to prevent your hens from getting worms. When sprinkled in your coop and run it will help to eliminate all stages of eggs and larvae at ground level. It will absorb moisture from faeces and organic matter, suppressing build up and maturing of parisitic eggs. This will reduce the opportunity for worm infection as birds will ingest fewer eggs or larvae, resulting in lower worm populations in the bird's gut.

This product should be sprinkled in the run and inside the housing and nesting box, ensuring a light coating is visible. There is no need to remove the bedding. Product should be applied liberally where faeces and organic matter are prevalent.

Ingredients: Copper sulphate and Peroxy disinfectant blend.

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Great for killing bacteria; 'freshening' chicken run and drying 'wet' droppings - Clare, Merseyside,

This is great. I use it to kill bacteria on the hardwood chips overnight in our covered chicken run (when the hens are not free-ranging) and sprinkle over 'wet' droppings - I leave it for 30 minutes then it's easier to pick up the poop! Smells pleasant; not too strong

Great 5 star product - Steph, Merseyside,

Great product nice smelling, not too strong in smell, easy to scatter on ground etc... Would definitely recommend

Thumbs up. - Lucy, Merseyside,

This sanitsing powder is easy to use and makes the run smell fresh. Really like this product and will purchase it again.

Worming powder - Pam, Merseyside,

This powder seems to be good for prevention and treatment of worms.

Good run freshener - Lynnep, Merseyside,

Definitely freshens the run, so does what it says on the tin, but personally I have decided we need a disinfectant combined with freshener instead.

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