Chickens love a good dust bath, but if you want to stop the little darlings from rolling around in your prized vegetable patch it's a good idea to provide them an alternative spot.

Intended as a cat litter tray, this plastic container will make an ideal dust bath for your hens to sit in. Simply fill with a mixture of dry compost and sand and they will be quick to hop in and have a good bathe. Try sprinkling in some Diatomaceous Earth to help rid them of any mites and lice too!

Available in pink, purple or blue.

Tray measures 38cm x 28cm x 9cm.

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Weight: 0.340 kg

Height: 10 cm

Width: 30 cm

Length: 40 cm

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Fab! - Marie,

It does the job and love the vibrant colours...think the chickens like their dust bath too!

Does exactly what it says on the tin - Carol,

It's one thing providing a dust bath, it's another thing trying to get your girls to use for what itwas intended for!

ok - Kate,

Its cheap and does the job, but as it's quite shallow the dust gets flung out. I have now replaced mine with a deeper bowl.

Needed customising - Fleur,

We had to put holes in the bottom as the rain didn't drain leaving the soil & sand damp. Better now!

Great - Paul,

Given the choice of flower bed or plastic tray they will naturally choose the flower beds every time but if left in the run when at work they will make use of it rather enthusiastically - have refilled with sand/soil mix several times