The Eglu Cube is really well insulated but following two of the coldest and snowiest winters the UK has ever seen we decided it was time to offer your chickens the ultimate protection from extreme weather. This insulating jacket for the Eglu Cube has been designed to keep your chickens as warm as possible during the deep freeze. Filled with a heat trapping recycled material that is breathable, the jackets keep your pets warm and protected from the worst that the weather can throw at them.

The extreme temperature jacket for the Eglu Cube simply slips onto the main body of the house for a snug fit. It has one large zip opening at the back for easy access to the nesting box and dropping trays. When unzipped, the cover can be folded back to give access to the eggport too.

Please note: to use this jacket you must have an Eglu Cube Mk1 with a run.

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Weight: 1.460 kg

Brand: Omlet (569 Products)

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Extreme temperature jacket - Julie,

It fits well, and is warm, as the chickens are not huddling together in the nesting box overnight anymore. However, it could do with an extra flap to access the nesting box, as its rather a faf to access through the back.

Excellent thermal jacket for Eglu cube and walk in run - Raffles,

Our hens are very snug and happy with their new extreme temp jacket for their cube home . Easy to unzip for egg removal and easy to slide out trays for cleaning . 2 of our girls regularly hop up onto the roof leaving muddy footprints but the material is tough and easy to clean so not a problem. Thoroughly recommend for peace of mind during the winter months .

Great Winter Jacket for the Cube - Gill,

This is a great cover for the cube. Fits well and easy to put on. I can see that perhaps the design could be altered - a porthole for the pophole opening handle would be great on wild nights. Something similar for the egg collecting door - a well secured flap or something like that ? Anyway Its pretty good as it stands. With our last coop which was wooden we ended up nailing 2 inch thick polystyrene to the roof and sides to insulate the coop in the uk winter ? 5 years ago when the temperatures plummeted.

Great product - Victoria,

Definitely does the job - girls toasty warm and fits well. Looks good too. Would give 5 stars if there was a zip round the egg port door and a hole for door opening handle but most of all why do Omlet eyelets always rust so quickly?

Good but could do better - Alison,

The "extreme jacket" arrived promptly just before the snow. Our hens (who had just moved from Kent to the wilds of Wales) were extremely grateful and showed it by starting to lay again. Easy to put on with robust attachments, my only concern is that the zip is a rather insignificant plastic one that I might use in dress making. I think that, for the pricey cost of the jacket, Eglu could provide a better quality zip. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts.